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Portugal’s Woo launches digital-only eSim

Woo, a telecommunications operator that emerged with the mission of being simpler and more transparent is the first to launch a 100% digital eSIM in Portugal, with a digital and automatic subscription process. woo esim

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It was in 2020 that the national market saw WOO arrive, with NOS, responsible for the brand, defining this new project as the “first 100% digital national telco tech that works exclusively through a mobile application”. WOO was available to basically offer mobile voice and Internet services to customers.

From the outset, WOO distinguished itself from the rest by focusing on Internet services, that is, it does not include the existence of a telephone, box or TV service. Here, the focus is just the connection to the net. Now, after having lowered its prices last year, here comes a great novelty from the operator: a 100% digital eSIM .

30-day free trial

In fact, it is the first operator to launch the 100% digital eSIM in Portugal, which means a process of joining a fully digital and immediate tariff through the app. In addition to the SIM card being dematerialized, there is no longer any need for any material component – ​​such as making paper codes available or going to points of sale – this process becoming 100% digital and taking just a few moments.

So that everyone can see the speed and simplicity of this process, WOO is offering a 30-day free trial of the service, with 15 gigs of data and without commitment. To join, simply access the website and install the WOO app.

At the moment, eSIM is only available for Apple smartphones – iPhones higher than the XS – and Android smartphones are expected to be included soon.

To install eSIM follow these steps: woo esim

1. In your mobile phone menu, access:

  • IOS: Settings > Mobile Network > Add Mobile Plan
  • Android: Settings > Connections > SIM Card Manager > Add Mobile Plan

2. Point the camera at the QRCODE printed on the eSIM card you receive.

3. Follow the instructions on your mobile phone to complete the installation. 


If you have two cards at the same time (SIM and eSIM) you must select which is the main card, from which voice and SMS communications are carried out, and which is the secondary one.


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