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Cruise Daily Pass Connectivity

WMS and Verizon Introduce Unprecedented Cruise Daily Pass Connectivity Offering

WMS, the leading remote wireless connectivity provider, and Verizon launched the Cruise Daily Pass, the first-of-its-kind plan for cruise passengers. The Verizon Cruise Daily Pass meets the increasing demand for connectivity among cruise passengers, driven by their reliance on data, voice, and text services for communication with family and friends, and occasional work responsibilities on their vacation at sea. This unprecedented plan helps to advance WMS’ mission to connect people and businesses in hard-to-reach places. Cruise Daily Pass Connectivity

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With the new Verizon Cruise Daily Pass, customers get 0.5GB of data as well as 50 minutes and unlimited text messages for a 24-hour period. Customers will only pay on days they use cellular on board while at sea. The Cruise Daily Pass is available on 200+ cruise ships. This new plan replaces the previous data-only plan and delivers a full service for customers to stay connected with what matters, however they want.

“We are thrilled to expand our longstanding partnership with Verizon to develop the Verizon Cruise Daily Pass for today’s connected passenger,” said Pramod Arora, President and CEO, WMS. “Through our innovative wireless connectivity, Verizon customers can now enjoy this latest data, voice, and text plan, never before available while cruising. This is truly unique, and we are pleased to be the first to enable it.”

The Verizon Cruise Daily Pass is now widely available for Verizon customers.

About WMS Cruise Daily Pass Connectivity

WMS is the premier global provider of wireless connectivity services connecting people and businesses…anywhere. WMS pioneered the first wireless network on a cruise ship 20 years ago. It remains the trusted strategic partner for connectivity in the most challenging and hard-to-reach places, for passengers, crew, and onboard operations, delivering best-in-class technology, service, and revenue growth for its clients. Passengers and crew of cruise and ferry lines rely on its hundreds of networks, its unmatched engineering expertise, its global roaming partners, and its leading customer support to connect…anywhere.

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