WishTrip Aids Destinations to Meet Regulations and Reopen

Outdoor destinations and attractions hoping to reopen following the global pandemic lockdowns are finding new hope in the latest SMART tourism solution by WishTrip.

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Already in use as a tourism experience management platform for travel destinations, WishTrip’s functionality can now help destinations meet new demands for crowd control, social distancing, and increased hygiene standards.

Using the app reduces direct physical contact between staff and visitors, keeping everyone safer. It also empowers a destination’s visitors to protect their own health and control social distancing themselves, giving those who are extra concerned or at high risk the confidence to venture out.

The app, which visitors download to their phones, allows a destination or attraction to monitor the number of people within their site and their locations. It helps destinations disperse visitors through route maps, guided trails, and push notifications.

Unlike more traditional crowd-control methods that rely on the destination and their staff for enforcement, WishTrip users can see the location of other visitors and adjust their behavior accordingly, giving visitors control over their health. Plus visitors can easily locate and navigate to hand sanitizing stations, maintaining their personal hygiene at their comfort level.

As an added bonus, WishTrip helps destinations run more efficiently and make better use of their staff. It also has tools to increase income through direct marketing and fundraising appeals. All of which has never been more important to an industry struggling to recoup lost revenue and maintain profitability under the proposed restrictions.

Outdoor destinations are already among the safest public places to visit, provided that crowd control measures are put in place and the destinations can maintain expected hygiene standards. However, with masses of people eager to get out after weeks of lockdown, even large destinations will be challenged to enforce social distancing between visitors and keep their destinations sanitized. This is where WishTrip comes in. After weeks and months of lockdown, WishTrip is partnering with destinations to help people get back outside.

Co-Founder and CEO of WishTrip, Bezalel Lenzizky, commented, “We have consulted with governments and health ministries and believe that by using WishTrip, destinations will be able to get approval from the relevant authorities to reopen sooner. We are proud to make a contribution to helping the travel and leisure industry recover from COVID-19.”


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