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WinSim offer: 3 GB and unlimited minutes for €8.99


winSIM is a well-known German mobile phone discounter that belongs to the Drillisch Group. Other Drillisch brands are simply , PremiumSIM or smartmobil .

Now they have new great offer:

  • Telephony: Allnet Flatrate in all German networks
  • SMS: SMS flatrate
  • Data:  3 GB data volume
  • Automatic data: yes, can be deactivated
  • Bandwidth / Speed: LTE up to 21.6 Mbps
  • Roaming : inclusive (see Drillisch Roaming)
  • Connection  fee : 14,99 Euro once
  • Change bonus : 10 euros
  • Duration:  24 months
  • Basic fee: 8,99 Euro per month



  • automatic data
    After consumption of the monthly inclusive volume, 200 MB of additional data volume will automatically be billed up to 3 times per month for only 2 € each.
  • Tethering is possible.
    At the expense of the data volume of the tariff. Further information see price list.
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  • One-time deployment price: € 14.99
  • Monthly package price: € 8.99 instead of € 9.99
    the first 24 months, then € 10.99
  • Minimum contract term: 24 months
    Termination in writing 3 months to the end of the term, otherwise extension by 12 months
  • EU roaming included
    This tariff is a regulated EU roaming tariff, which you use at your domestic conditions in other EU countries. In this case, assuming a fair use “fair use policy”, no surcharges for the use of roaming services (telephony, SMS and data connections)

In addition, winSIM now offers a new entry-level tariff with Telephony & SMS Flat as well as 1 GB LTE for only 6.99 Euro per month.

LTE All 3 GB

As an additional benefit for all frequent surfers, Win SIM  increased the surfing speed at LTE All 10 GB to 225 MBit / s (previously 50 MBit / s)!


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