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wingo international

Wingo launches International subscription for CHF 130 monthly

Swisscom brand Wingo has introduced a new International subscription for CHF 130 per month. wingo international

For CHF 130, the new Wingo International mobile phone subscription offers unlimited use both within Switzerland and abroad. In addition to Europe, this also includes the USA, Canada and Turkey. Unlimited calls and surfing can be made in these countries. If the data volume of 40 GB is reached in one month, the data transfer is throttled to 0.2 Mbit / s for the rest of the month (this is about 2G speed and may be just enough to stream music or open websites with a lot of patience .) If you want to continue surfing at the usual speed, you can book a “data travel package”.

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The telephony flat rate includes all calls within Switzerland, from Switzerland to the countries mentioned, as well as within these countries among each other, as well as calls to Switzerland and incoming calls. SMS / MMS are also included without limitation within these countries.

Last month Wingo launched the new “Swiss” mobile phone subscription. It costs CHF 58.- and offers unlimited minutes, SMS and data in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. During the introductory doctorate, it costs CHF 24.- per month.


The new subscription “Wingo Swiss” offers: wingo international

– Unlimited telephony
– Unlimited SMS / MMS
– Unlimited data volume
This applies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
Monthly costs: CHF 58.-

Abroad (roaming), the same tariffs apply for calls as for previous subscriptions. Data roaming is blocked abroad. In order to be able to use mobile data, a data package must be obtained beforehand. The following prices apply within the EU:
– 500 MB for CHF 9.-
– 1 GB for CHF 15.-
– 3 GB for CHF 40.-

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