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Wingo introduces flexible EU data roaming tariffs

Swisscom’s brand Wingo introduces Fair-Flat tariffs, which include unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in Switzerland and allow flexible usage of data for EU roaming. Wingo Mobile customers only pay for the data they actually use, as the price of the Fair-Flat subscription is adjusted monthly in line with the respective data consumption.wingo roaming

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For CHF 25 a month, all calls, SMS and MMS within Switzerland are included, plus 2 GB of mobile data. This allowance can be used in Switzerland as well as in the EU / Western Europe.

Each additional GB costs CHF 5. Customers pay a maximum of CHF 55 per month, in which case they get unlimited data in Switzerland and 8 GB in the EU / Western Europe.

If the data volume is not sufficient, additional data packets can be purchased abroad, such as the Easy Surf Europe option or Data Travel option.

From 1 June, existing Wingo Mobile customers will automatically benefit from the new offer and need not take any further action.

As part of its mobile services, Wingo offers roaming services for customers who travel abroad

Here are some key details about Wingo’s roaming services:

  1. Roaming rates: Wingo offers two different roaming rates depending on the country you’re visiting. The “Europe” rate applies to most European countries, while the “Worldwide” rate applies to all other countries. Both rates include unlimited incoming calls and texts, and a set amount of data.
  2. Data roaming: Wingo’s roaming rates include a set amount of data for use while abroad. Once you reach the data limit, additional data usage will be charged at a per-MB rate. Wingo also offers data roaming packages for customers who need more data while traveling.
  3. Roaming partners: Wingo has roaming agreements with several international operators, which allows customers to use their mobile devices while traveling. Customers can check the list of Wingo’s roaming partners on the company’s website.
  4. Roaming activation: Roaming services are automatically activated for Wingo customers. However, if you don’t want to use roaming services while abroad, you can deactivate it in your online account or by calling Wingo’s customer service.
  5. Fair use policy: Wingo has a fair use policy in place to prevent excessive usage of its roaming services. If you use more than a certain amount of data while roaming, Wingo may charge you an additional fee or suspend your roaming services.

Overall, Wingo’s roaming services offer an affordable and convenient option for customers who need to use their mobile devices while traveling abroad.



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