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WindTre launches Call Your Country plans with Unlimited 5G

Starting 16 January 2023, in the portfolio of offers dedicated to foreign customers, WindTre has launched a new offer called Call Your Country Unlimited 5G, also made up of unlimited data that can be used on the fifth-generation network. Furthermore, the new Call Your Family 5G is available as well. windtre unlimited 5g

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The new Call Your Country Unlimited 5G is made up every month of unlimited minutes to all national landline and mobile numbers, 300 minutes to 53 foreign countries and unlimited GB (with  18 GB usable in  EU Roaming ) of data traffic also valid in 5G at maximum speed.

With this offer, the price of renewals is equal to 19.99 euros per month, charged to remaining credit or via Easy Pay with automatic payment.

As indicated on the official WindTre website, the offer can be activated both online with free shipping and at the operator’s shops. In any case, a price of 10 euros is required to purchase the new SIM, except for any promotions.

We remind you that for WindTre customers who benefit from a bundle of unlimited data (therefore also with the new Call Your Country Unlimited 5G), pursuant to article 6  Anomalous Traffic of the Contract Conditions if they show monthly data traffic 5 times higher than the average consumption  (550 Giga per month)  of customers with the same offer, will be subject to a  bandwidth reduction action.

WindTre may in fact reserve the right to temporarily limit the connection speed to 640 Kbps for users whose methods of use are such as to compromise the performance of the network itself. This can happen when using services that make intensive use of network resources and/or on critical nodes.

The limitation, if implemented, is applied to all traffic developed by the data offer for a maximum of 72 continuous hours. At the end of the bandwidth reduction period, the connection speed of the data network will automatically be restored to the pre-existing conditions of the change. The limitation may later be applied again if the same conditions exist.

Additional SIMs with Call Your Family 5G windtre unlimited 5g

As with all other offers in the same range, the new Call Your Country Unlimited 5G is dedicated exclusively to new customers born abroad, in this case without any restrictions on a particular country (as happens instead with the Call Your Country Special offers).

After activating this offer, customers can also add up to 3 additional SIMs with the new Call Your Family 5G, which is also available starting today 16 January 2023.

In this way, on each additional SIM with  Call Your Family 5G you get unlimited minutes every month to all national landline and mobile numbers, 100 minutes to 53 foreign countries and 100 GB of data traffic also valid in 5G, all at the cost of 9.99 euros per month charged to remaining credit or through Easy Pay.

In addition to the new Call Your Country Unlimited 5G, this WindTre offer can also be activated together with the Call Your Country Gold 5G at 14.99 euros per month.

In any case, the customer can only activate it within 30 days of activating one of the two offers, the latter valid both by debiting the remaining credit and with Easy Pay.

It should be noted that the 3 additional SIMs that can be activated with Call Your Family 5G can only be registered in the same registry as one of the two offers indicated above.

In the event of the deactivation of one of the two offers, the combined SIMs remain active under the same conditions, unless the latter also withdraws.

Call Your Country New Generation also continues

Call Your Country New Generation is also available, the offer reserved exclusively for new foreign customers up to 30 years of age, specifically until the day before they turn 31.

Call Your Country NEW Generation includes unlimited minutes to national numbers,  100 minutes to 53 countries, and  100 GB of data traffic also valid in  5G, all at the price of  9.99 euros per month  with both  credit balance  and payment method charged Automatic  Easy Pay.

Together with this new offer, the possibility of combining the GoPlay gaming app with its standard price, i.e.  3.99 euros per month with the first month free, can also be offered.

Furthermore, by choosing the version with the Easy Pay payment method, customers can also add some smartphones in installments at a discounted price.


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