Which is better while abroad: roaming or a local SIM?

In this day and age, we’re always online, always getting calls, SMSes and notifications. Even when we’re on vacation abroad, hibernating from the world is sometimes not an option

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So we leave our phones on and choose between roaming or buying a local SIM at our destination, but if we’re not careful when on roaming, our bills could go through the roof without us knowing.


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Mobile “bill shocks” describes the reaction of a customer when they see their bill after having been charged exorbitant fees while abroad due to apps or other phone use. And that is something we all are trying to avoid!

So which is better, to use your operator roaming packages or buy a local SIM at your destination?

Some people are more comfortable using their numbers abroad and not having to remove their SIM cards from their phones. So they opt for roaming packages. Carriers have different offers and it’s best to check the one which suits your needs before you reach the airport.

Alertify can send you best suitable SIM card to your home before your vacation. So.. as soon you get out from the plane you can use your phone! No worries about money exchange, time of day, language barriers..

Most countries have affordable prepaid SIM cards with voice and data bundle packages that are easily available at airports.

This could be the best option for those who do not want to get charged at all by their telecom provider of anything once abroad.

  • If you’re a frequent traveller to different destinations, it makes sense to get roaming.
  • If you travel frequently to the same destination, buying a SIM from there is wiser.
  • But be reminded to look at the list of service providers at the country of destination. Once there, manually select the service provider so you won’t get charged “out of bundle” service fees because you chose a telecom that’s not tied up with your telecom provider back at home.
  • Also, switch off the cellular data button of all unnecessary apps when you’re travelling because it will guzzle up your data quickly.
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