New WhatsApp ‘View Ones’ feature deletes photos after they are opened

WhatsApp has rolled out the new 'View Once' feature. Image: WhatsApp
WhatsApp is introducing a new feature for photos to self-delete after they are viewed by the recipient. whatsapp view once
The company said it offers a new privacy option for users as well as helps avoid too many photos taking up space on the phone. whatsapp view once

This ‘View Once’ feature deletes the media file once the recipient sees it, just like on Instagram and Snapchat.

WhatsApp assures that the “View Once” media is protected by end-to-end encryption so that even the platform does not have access to it. Such media files will be marked as “one-time” and once viewed, it will show an “opened” tag. WhatsApp further states that such media files will not be stored in the Gallery of the receiver. Users will not be able to forward, save, star, or share photos or videos that were sent or received with the “view once” feature.

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