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WhatsApp beats the SMS: Three quarters of German smartphone owners use messenger on a daily basis

Three quarters of smartphone owners in Germany (73%) use Whatsapp on a daily basis, according to a survey by YouGov and DPA. Only a third (34%) send or receive SMS daily.

Two out of three smartphone users use email apps on their mobile phone almost every day (67 percent). Other popular applications that are in daily or almost daily use: the mobile phone camera (68 percent), social media apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (at 46 percent), navigation apps (at 32), games (at 31) and Programs of banks and other service providers (29).

That they use daily or almost daily fitness apps, say 11 percent of themselves.

At the end of a year in which several data abuse cases became known, 17 percent of smartphone users say they use less social media. 11 percent say they have withdrawn entirely from social media or certain social media. 36 percent are still traveling there frequently, 5 percent more often than before. In 2018, for example, the case of the company Cambridge Analytica had become public, which had unauthorized access to information from tens of millions of Facebook users.

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