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Freedom Pizza becomes first food delivery service in the UAE to partner with what3words

what3words, the innovative location technology company that enables people around the world to identify and share any precise location using just three words, is teaming up with Freedom Pizza, a KRUSH Brands company, for its very first UAE-based food delivery partnership. Customers will now be able to have delicious, honest Freedom Pizza delivered to a specific 3 metre square without the need for additional directions.

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what3words makes it simple to talk about precise locations. It has divided the globe into a grid of 3 metre squares and given each one a unique what3words address, made of three words from the dictionary. For example, the front door to Freedom Pizza’s Downtown location can be found at ///

From an exact office entrance to a newly built residential community or a sun lounger on the beach, what3words allows people to share any precise spot using just three words.

what3words provides KRUSH Brands riders with a simple and innovative way to deliver right to a customer’s doorstep or any preferred delivery point across Dubai, whether it’s a spot on the beach, a picnic blanket in the park, or a university campus.

Street addresses across the UAE can be inaccurate: pins can drop in the centre of the buildings leaving riders struggling to find the correct door or access point and searching through large areas. what3words addresses are more accurate than postal addresses and allow Freedom Pizza and KRUSH Brands customers to specify their precise location for super-fast, fresh and safe deliveries.

It’s not just Freedom Pizza customers that will benefit as KRUSH Brands have introduced the technology across their portfolio of locally born companies including Wildflower Poke & More, Coco Yogo Vegan Kitchen, Salad Jar along with Foodpreneur partners Jet Lagged Chef and Viking Bageri.

Finding the what3words address for a specific location couldn’t be easier: KRUSH Brands customers can visit or download the free what3words app, select the square where they would like to receive their delivery and see its easy-to-remember what3words address. They can then log in to any of the KRUSH Brands websites or applications to add their precise what3words address to their profile.

KRUSH Brands has a database of over 350,000 customers, with 60% of all orders coming directly on the brand platforms built by their in-house tech team. At least 95% of the orders received will be for delivery which equates to about 10,000+ deliveries per week for the KRUSH Brands delivery team to fulfil. Integrating what3words with their existing addressing system ensures speed, precision and reliability in a hyper-competitive market and allows KRUSH to maintain its 23 minutes average delivery time as demand increases.

what3words gives everyone, everywhere a simple, accurate and reliable address.  what3words addresses are easier to remember than a postal address and can be shared more accurately than any other location reference system. It is also the first addressing system entirely optimised for voice, allowing for the easiest and most human-friendly possible input. what 3words addresses are currently available in more than 45 languages, allowing more than half of the world’s countries to use them in at least one of their official languages.

KRUSH Brands Founder & CEO, Ian Ohan, said: We are super excited to partner with what3words to provide our customers with easy to use and more accurate and fast delivery. Whether you are at home, the beach, in the desert or one of the UAE’s amazing parks, we will find you with what3words. We love its simplicity and believe it is the future of global addressing in the region and internationally. Good ideas matter and what 3words is a great one.

The benefit of what3words for food deliveries are clear. Providing three simple words in your online checkout means no more lost or cold pizza.” Chris Sheldrick, CEO and co-founder of what3words commented, “we are really excited to partner with KRUSH Brands in Dubai to give customers a more accurate and seamless delivery experience anywhere, anytime”.


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