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What Travel Insurance Covers?

You are preparing for a travel: have flight, hotel, even took and travel insurance. Do you know what your travel insurance cover? vacation insurance

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In the past two days, protesters stormed the Barcelona–El Prat Josep Tarradellas Airport (BCN), erupting in chaos and dozens of cancelled flights. Spanish airport operator Aena reported 45 flights cancelled, and over a hundred other flights grounded on Monday. The protest broke out from the recent ruling by the Spanish Supreme Court sentencing several Catalan separatist leaders to multiple years in prison for illegally promoting Catalonia’s independence.

Recently, major international airports have been trending targets for protesters. The Hong Kong airport closed for multiple days this August amid pro-democracy protests, disrupting hundreds of flights. What happens if an airport on your travel itinerary is affected by protests or civil disorder? The experts at Yonder Travel Insurance explain what may or may not be covered by your travel insurance policy.


What travel insurance cover regarding protests? vacation insurance

Unfortunately, most travel insurance policies have an exclusion for anything related to “civil unrest, riots, or acts of war.” This would include in-country protests that affect travel. For example, if you had purchased travel insurance for your trip to Spain this week and decided not to go due to the recent protests, you likely would not have received reimbursement from your travel insurance provider for the losses you incurred.


What travel insurance don’t cover regarding protests?

A specific type of coverage called Cancel for Any Reason allows you to cancel your trip for any reason at all. This coverage is only available if you purchase your travel insurance policy within 10-21 days of your initial trip deposit and provides coverage for 50-75% of your insured trip cost. This coverage can be a bit more expensive so it’s important to compare your options.

If you’re currently traveling in the city where the protests or riots are occurring and the local or U.S. government issues a qualifying evacuation notice, there may be coverage for what’s called Non-Medical Evacuation. This benefit provides your immediate evacuation to a safer location or to your home, all paid for and arranged by the emergency service provider of your policy.

The experts at Yonder Travel Insurance have poured over hundreds of policies from the best travel insurance providers in the US to provide the best travel insurance recommendation for how you travel. vacation insurance.

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