traveling to Europe

What every tourist needs to know before traveling to Europe

When traveling, the last thing you want to do is make a mistake that could upset the locals or potentially land you in trouble. traveling to Europe

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When visiting Europe, many don’t realize the efforts put into preserving the continent’s highlights. For those wanting to see what the continent has to offer, keep in mind these rules as outlined by Reader’s Digest.

Don’t sit on the steps in Rome

In 2019 new tourist laws were introduced in Rome making it illegal to sit on the iconic Spanish Steps in order to preserve the city’s ancient elements. This law also applies to other historic stairways in the city, while you can walk up and down them, you can’t sit and if you do you can be fined up to US$442.


Heels are not for touring Athens

While Rome’s laws may seem extreme, it’s not the only city out to preserve ancient architecture. In Greece it’s illegal to wear high heels when touring Athens’ biggest attractions such as the Parthenon and the Acropolis.

Venice’s lagoons are not public pools

If you’re feeling the summer heat in Venice, jumping in their famous canals and lagoons is not a good option to cool off — in fact it’s illegal.


Don’t jump into Rome’s fountains

A similar rule also applies in Rome’s Trevi Fountain and every other fountain in Italy, with one tourist being fined for only putting her feet in the water.


The Blue Grotto is not for swimming in

When it comes to keeping people out of the water, Rome is serious. While the Blue Grotto is a beautiful attraction, it’s merely for looking at and not touching. Learn from Heidi Klum, who was recently fined over $6,000 for taking a dip in the pristine waters.

Don’t eat messy food on the run

Most people would love nothing more than to wander around on a hot summer’s day with a cone full of gelato in their hands. While you can still eat messy food in parks and in suburban streets, it’s illegal to do so in historic locations throughout Rome, Florence and Venice in Italy.

A bathing suit isn’t acceptable streetwear

While walking around the street in your bathing suit may be acceptable in some countries, it isn’t in both Barcelona and Mallorca in Spain. After leaving the beach, patrons are expected to be fully clothed, otherwise you can be handed a fine of up to $287.

The birds are not for feeding

Although bird feeding seems like a bit of fun for some, San Marco Square in Venice, Italy and Vienna have banned pigeon feeding in an attempt to deter the pesky birds.

Don’t be too noisy traveling to Europe

When in Germany, Sundays and holidays are considered days of rest, with the country’s laws making it illegal to be too noisy. A similar rule applies in Venice with new laws restricting people from making too much noise at night or during 1 p.m. – 3 p.m.

Don’t drink straight from Rome’s drinking fountains

Formally known as the nasoni, Rome’s historic public drinking fountains are not to be touched by your mouth. Instead, it’s advised travelers in need of a refreshment cup their hands under the spout and drink the water that way.


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