Unlimited Internet in Russia by Beeline

In front of World Cup 2018 Beeline announced new offer with unlimited internet in Russia: ‘Welcome’.


In the first two weeks after you activate the SIM card, you get 30 minutes of outgoing calls to Russia and other countries (there is a number of exceptions, see the list below), free incoming calls and unlimited internet in Russia at speeds up to 3.6 MB per second.

Starting from the third week, you get 15 minutes every week for outgoing calls to Russia and other countries (excluding the exceptions*), free incoming calls and unlimited internet at speeds up to 3.6 MB per second.

The special price is 700 rubles for the first 2 weeks and 350 rubles per week (approx. $11 or €9) for the subsequent weeks is valid for those who subscribe to the «Welcome» tariff from 11.05 to 20.07.18.

How to subscribe to unlimited internet in Russia?

SIM card can be booked with the Welcome tariff right now and get it in the nearest Beeline office as soon as you arrive in Russia or it can wait for you in one of Russians airports.

When subscribing, you pay for 2 weeks of using the tariff — 700 RUB (approx. $11 or €9).


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