Unlimited Internet in Russia by Beeline

With Beeline you can stay in touch with your loved ones and business partners while travelling across Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia and Armenia.

The SIM card is activated automatically if there is enough money on the balance for the first subscription fee (700 rubles).

In the first two weeks after you activate the SIM card, you get 30 minutes of outgoing calls to Russia and other countries (there is a number of exceptions, see the list below), free incoming calls and unlimited internet in Russia at speeds up to 3.6 MB per second.

Starting from the third week, you get 15 minutes every week for outgoing calls to Russia and other countries (excluding the exceptions*), free incoming calls and unlimited internet at speeds up to 3.6 MB per second.

The special price is 700 rubles for the first 2 weeks and 350 rubles per week (approx. $11 or €9) for the subsequent weeks is valid for those who subscribe to the «Welcome» tariff .

How to subscribe to unlimited internet in Russia?

SIM card can be booked with the Welcome tariff right now and get it in the nearest Beeline office as soon as you arrive in Russia or it can wait for you in one of Russians airports.

When subscribing, you pay for 2 weeks of using the tariff — 700 RUB (approx. $11 or €9).

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Other roaming/ unlimited internet solutions in Russia:


An excellent option for those who need the Internet not all the time, but periodically. For those who just want to sit on social networks, watch a series on YouTube, etc. For 13 rubles a day, you get 2 GB of traffic per month with no speed limit. After exhausting the daily package, the speed will be reduced. Such unlimited Internet for a day from Beeline is convenient when traveling, since it operates throughout Russia.

The main parameters of the tariff:

  • Subscription fee – 13 rubles / day.
  • 2 GB of Internet traffic without speed limit. After the packet is exhausted, the speed is reduced to 64 Kbps until the beginning of the next billing period.
  • It operates throughout Russia except the Far East.

The ability to stay online anytime, anywhere. Chat with friends, listen to internet radio, watch and upload photos. Unlimited Internet on your phone or tablet in any city in Russia.

For business

Control your business even when you are not in the office. Your workplace is where you feel comfortable. Use e-mail, surf the Internet, hold conference calls – be always in touch with your colleagues and business partners.

Frequencies: UMTS2100

Unlimited Internet
1 day
RUB 13.00
Unlimited Starter 128kbps
30 days
RUB 295.00
Optimal NL 512kbps
30 days
RUB 450.00
In Moscow, you can buy Beeline SIM card in:
Sheremetyevo airport, terminal E, room 3
Zemlyanoy Val str., 29, estate 1, 1st floor
Komsomolskaya sqr., 2, Kazansky railway station
New Arbat str., 13
Komsomolskaya square, 3
Or in any other Beeline office
Travelling to Moscow? Do not miss:


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