Wearable payment brand “RingPay” by McLEAR launches on Amazon

RingPay by McLEAR, the smart ring that enables users to pay for things with a wave of the hand, launches for sale on Amazon UK this month.

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RingPay can be used anywhere that allows contactless payment, such as restaurants, supermarkets, and transportation etc, and offers wearers a unique, fast, secure and seamless payment experience.

RingPay mobile app

RingPay is set up and managed using the accompanying mobile app. Users can add any Visa or Mastercard, debit or credit card to the app as a funding source, and either top up a fixed amount or set to auto top-up – ensuring there are always funds available to spend using the ring. Users do not need to have their phone with them to make payments, making RingPay the ultimate payment device. In addition, RingPay doesn’t contain a battery, so requires no charging – allowing the user to always have payment on hand.

RingPay securely operates on the VISA network. If the ring is lost or misplaced, it can be frozen instantly at the tap of a button in the RingPay app.

RingPay by McLEAR is currently the only smart ring that offers contactless payment on Amazon.

McLEAR kickstarted the whole smart ring space in 2012 with their NFC Ring invention and continues to go from strength to strength with their innovative payment ring, RingPay. Headquartered in London – the team of British and International engineers, designers and payment industry specialists are at the forefront of wearable payment technology.

Apart from RingPay by McLEAR, there are several other companies that offer smart rings with various features and functionalities.

Some notable smart ring options available in the market include:

  1. Oura Ring: The Oura Ring focuses on sleep tracking and overall health monitoring. It provides insights into sleep quality, heart rate variability, body temperature, and activity levels.
  2. Motiv Ring: Motiv Ring is a fitness tracker that measures heart rate, activity, and sleep. It also offers features like step counting, calorie tracking, and guided workouts.
  3. Nimb Ring: Nimb Ring is designed with personal safety in mind. It includes a panic button that can send an emergency alert to pre-selected contacts, along with the wearer’s location.
  4. Mota Smart Ring: Mota Smart Ring offers features such as notifications for calls, texts, and social media alerts. It also includes a touch-sensitive control interface for navigating through various functions.
  5. Kerv Ring: Kerv Ring is another smart ring that focuses on contactless payments. Similar to RingPay, it allows users to make payments with a simple wave of the hand.



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