We.Stream Unveiled Secure Mobile WiFi Hotspot

We.Stream Premium Mobile WiFi Hotspot for International Travelers - 50 GB US Data - Data 3 months valid

We.Stream Co-CEO Joachim de Wild: “Thanks to Cloud SIM technology and the built-in security layer, we can end high data roaming charges and the use of unsafe public WiFi now.”

We.Stream is the secure mobile WiFi Hotspot for international travelers. The embedded Cloud SIM Technology provides high-speed data in over 145+ countries. USB 2.0 and MicroUSB 2.0 Ports WiFi connection: up to 5 devices at once Additional product features: USB-Powerbank for charging of mobile devices. Two SIM slots for your own local SIMs. Connect up to 5 devices with one We.Stream. 15 hours battery time (5350mAh).

We.Stream solves a known problem for international travelers who want or need to keep in touch with business partners, family or friends. Currently, when venturing abroad, many travelers have to resort to using internet via smartphones or tablets to keep in touch with others, or when conducting professional or personal business online. Roaming charges or international data plans through traditional providers are often prohibitively expensive.

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Travelers use public WiFi as an alternative for the high data roaming charges, but this comes with high security risks. “We.Stream offers the solution to this problem, with affordable mobile data plans in more than 100 countries, such as China, Australia, Brazil, USA and all of Europe,” says Co-CEO Joachim de Wild. “Through We.Stream, travelers can carry their own pocket-sized secure WiFi-hotspot with them at all times.”

Co-CEO Joachim de Wild says: “Thanks to the innovative embedded Cloud SIM technology, we can finally put an end to high data roaming charges. Customers can purchase data in increments of 2GB, 5GB or 10GB directly from a touch screen built into the We-Stream device.”

Frequent travelers can save even more over their current data roaming charges by purchasing We.Stream’s unlimited data plan for $249 per year. The unlimited plan provides users with 2GB of high-speed internet (up to 150Mbps) on a monthly basis. After surpassing 2GBs, the speed is reduced, but the adjusted speed is ample for email and text purposes. This technology is all encased in a smartphone-sized device. Also included: a battery which allows the device to stay juiced for up to 15 hours and it can even be used as a USB-powerbank.

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We.Stream includes a built-in security layer, which is robust enough to support direct peer-to-peer VPN tunnels. This way, companies can let their employees connect securely to the corporate network and the internet. With the Cloud VPN option, individuals can conduct sensitive business online with peace of mind, knowing their data is secure and private.

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