Wanderlust presale has arrived!

Wanderlust an up-and-coming development company focused on changing the travel industry in remarkable ways. They are currently developing platforms that will seamlessly merge the travel industry with blockchain technology. Finding a solution for decentralizing the travel industry isn’t the only goal they have up their sleeve either. They have developed incredible platforms that will allow users to capture their travel experiences as well and even have a chance to win a free vacation!! All this upcoming next month as they plan for their launch and presale taking place March 1st.

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With plans to change the travel industry by merging blockchain technology, it has never looked more promising for all the Wanderlust holders. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen wanderlust make waves within the space with their arrival at Blockchain week Rome where they confirmed the first property under their belt at the event.

This time round the team has grown and so has the product. Wanderlust has been making huge upscales within the team growing to be a notable force but what really has people excited is the growth they’ve taken as a platform, starting with their unique NFT Generator. The NFT Generator isn’t new news to all the long-term holders but even those are said to be impressed with just how far it has come. Starting with the partnership with Adam6 which is one of the most profound and know app development companies out there to date working with key players such as Ford, Mercedes, Google and IBM. The undeniable tech giants have worked alongside the best which is exciting for all the travel mad holders who can’t wait for the NFT Generator to release.

The Generator is fully equipped with multiple functionalities and in true Wanderlust style will be the first of its kind opening the door for a new wave of NFT generators withing the space. Just some of the features that have been released are:

Geotag (Tag your location with every NFT minted)
Unique QR code generator
Personalised frames
Personalised Filters
Multiple minting service
Lottery contract embedded into minting platform

Another key fact that has gotten everyone who’s seen the projects NFT generator excited is the unique Lottery entry method that has been embedded into the generator. Each NFT that the user has minted will gain a free entry to a Lottery with a BEP10 token, the winner of the Lottery will be flown of the holiday of their dreams all costs covered by the Wanderlust team, yet another classic Wanderlust twist that shows just how far they are willing to take this project to become the world’s best blockchain travel companion app.

The future is defiantly bright for Wanderlust as a team and a project with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. From partnering with their first homes for the travel companion app to NFT generators the train isn’t slowing down and what’s even more impressive is the team has confirmed that the documents have been filed for Wanderlust to become the blockchains first legal estate agent. Yes, you heard that right. The blockchains first legal estate agent this allows them to take accept Fiat currency through the app whilst incentivizing users to convert to decentralized methods. the This is just the beginning, and the next few months will be exciting for everyone involved.

The blockchain has yet to see a travel app take storm how Wanderlust has been with their project and its only just getting started.

Private sale is now life so get your whitelist spot now! Presale goes live on MARCH 14TH


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