W Doha robot mixologist

W Doha introduces robot mixologist

W Doha has collaborated with Icosium AI & Robotics to introduce a robot mixologist in the hotel lobby. The W Doha is the first hotel in Qatar (and possibly the region) to use a robot mixologist, cementing its position as a forward-thinking luxury brand. W Doha robot mixologist

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The robot will offer guests drinks, futuristic service, and entertainment.

Wassim Daageh, general manager at W Doha, said: “We are delighted to be the pioneer in introducing such a new concept with Icosium AI & Robotics. This creative addition not only aligns with our identity as an innovator in luxury hospitality but also resonates with Qatar’s Vision 2030 of embracing technological improvements and expansions for a sustainable future.

“We are excited to offer our visitors a unique and forward-thinking experience that embodies our commitment to innovation and excellence. This visionary initiative stems from our experience as hospitality providers, where we recognized the critical importance of adopting and advancing technological trends. This realisation has inspired us to embrace new and original ideas, aligning with W Doha’s pioneering spirit and vision for the future of hospitality in Qatar.”

w doha robotBillel Boudouma, CEO of Icosium AI & Robotics, commented: “We are thrilled to partner with W Doha Hotel, a brand known for pushing boundaries. Their trust in our innovative approach allows us to showcase the potential of robotics to transform the guest experience. This collaboration is a testament to the exciting future of automation in the hospitality industry, not just in Qatar but across the region.”

It’s the latest tech-forward initiative from the hotel, joining a collaboration with Google to launch the Google Assistant interpreter and keyless room access services.

W Doha Hotel

The W Doha Hotel exemplifies modern luxury in the heart of Qatar’s vibrant capital. Known for its sleek design, stylish rooms, and dynamic atmosphere, the hotel offers a unique blend of Qatari tradition and cutting-edge hospitality. Guests can indulge in world-class dining experiences featuring Michelin-starred chefs, enjoy a revitalizing treatment at the Sisley Paris Spa, or relax poolside with panoramic city views. The W Doha also stands out for its innovative spirit – it’s the first hotel in the region to introduce a robotic mixologist, solidifying its position as a trendsetting destination.

Qatar’s Vision 2030 W Doha robot mixologist

The robot highlights Qatar’s Vision 2030 for sustainable tech advancements, but it doesn’t diminish the human touch of traditional hospitality.

  • Qatar’s National Vision 2030 (QNV 2030) is a comprehensive roadmap outlining the country’s aspirations to become an advanced nation by 2030. It targets sustainable progress across social, environmental, human, and economic sectors.
  • Key Pillars: QNV 2030 rests on four foundational pillars:
      • Economic Development: Aims to build a diverse, knowledge-based economy less reliant on hydrocarbon resources.
      • Social Development: Envisions a just and equitable society built on strong moral principles, family values, social protection, and excellent healthcare and educational systems.
      • Human Development: Focuses on developing a capable, skilled, and highly motivated Qatari workforce to participate in and lead all aspects of society.
      • Environmental Development: Emphasizes responsible and sustainable use of natural resources, balancing development with the preservation of Qatar’s environment.

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