Vodafone Ukraine offers data roaming promo

Mobile operator Vodafone Ukraine has introduced to its customers a promotion of its data roaming services. The first 100 MB is offered free. Unlimited traffic is available for text-messages on Viber, WhatsApp and Skype.


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You can order the “Internet Day in Roaming” service free of charge. To do this, send the command * 600 * 6 # and click on the call button. Make it better on the day you plan to go abroad. Verify the amount of used megabytes within the service can also independently, with the command * 600 * 11 # and the call button. After using the megabytes available under the service, profitable basic tariffs start up – 100 MB of internet in roaming and unlimited messaging costs 40 UAH.

Vodafone offered base rates for roaming in April last year. This contributed to a significant increase in usage – over the last year, Vodafone customers started to use the Internet in roaming 2.1 times more actively, and the number of roamers increased by 18%.

In early June, the list of countries for profitable roaming with Vodafone has increased, with it added 11 new countries. Among them, trends are gaining popularity in recent times: Tunisia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Chile. Now you can use profitable roaming with basic tariffs in more than 85 countries of the world when registering on any network.

The new promotion is valid until 31 August.

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