Vodafone Ukraine and Lifecell have restored services to 34 recaptured regions and towns of Irpin and Romanivka

Vodafone has reconnected in Romanivka and Irpen using Starlink

Vodafone Ukraine has restored its services in the towns of Irpin and Romanivka in Ukraine while rival operator Lifecell claims to have restored services in 34 settlements of the Kyiv region after the occupying Russian forces were pushed back. ukraine mobile services

For the first time in the history of Ukraine and one of the first in the world, the work of the mobile operator’s network was organized with the help of Starlink satellite technologies.

Vodafone is launching a base station near Irpin and Romanivka in 2G and 4G configurations, using SpaceX’s Starlink kit as a transport network at this station.

Connecting the site to satellite Internet allows you to ensure the smooth operation of the network segment, even in the absence of Internet access through a traditional underground transport network. Thanks to this scheme of work, you can quickly restore mobile communications in areas with damaged nodes.

This is currently the first case in Ukraine and one of the first in the world when the operation of a mobile operator’s network is backed up via satellite. In terms of technology convergence, this is the second case in the world after Japan, where the operator KDDI has already launched a similar solution, and in terms of extreme conditions – the first in the world.

Ukraine’s Ministry of Digitalisation has upgraded its mobile application warning residents of attacks by Russian air forces. The app lets users control the volume of voice messages issued at the beginning and end of attacks. The same info is also available on a Telegram channel. Operators Lifecell, Vodafone Ukraine and Kyivstar won’t charge for mobile data traffic on the application.

More than 3.5 million Ukrainian residents have already downloaded the app, which was designed by the Ajax Systems with IT company Stfalcon and the support of the Ministry of Finance.

Lifecell said it has restored communications in the localities of Velikiye Gulyaki, Gruzskoe, Dzvonkovo, Hazing, Knyazhichi, Kozichanka, Konchaki, Leonovka, Lychanka, Lishnya, Lubskoe, Mriya, Muzichi, Negrashi, Novoselki, Osykovo, Perevoz, Prishevalnya, Sosnovka, Tomashovka, Farm, Chernogorodka, Yablunovka, Yaroshevka. Communication was partially restored in the following localities: Irpen, Stoyanka, Buzova, Gorbovichi, Gurovschina, Zhornovka, Lyubimovka, Mostyshche, Petrushki, Shpitki. ukraine mobile services


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