vodafone turkey recycled sim card

Vodafone Turkey introduces eco SIM cards

Vodafone Turkey said it will reduce the consumption of tons of pure plastic every year with the new eco-SIM cards produced from recycled plastic. Vodafone customers will be able to change their SIM cards at the nearest Vodafone store. vodafone turkey recycled sim card

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The eco-SIM cards will gradually become widespread with the replacement of existing SIM cards. With the use of eco-SIM cards, 320 tons of new plastics will be prevented annually in the world and approximately 20 tons in Turkey. Eco-SIM cards are also available in envelopes made from recyclable paper.

Vodafone ended the use of an average 6 million disposable plastic products per year, with the “plastic-free office” practice implemented in all office buildings in Turkey. As part of the “Red for Green” movement, Vodafone Turkey offices use paper cups instead of plastic cups, glass bottles instead of plastic bottles, and environmentally friendly packaging instead of plastic bags. Nature-friendly and recyclable products such as porcelain and glass are preferred in the company cafeteria. vodafone turkey recycled sim card

 ‘Vodafone Simple’ mobile internet tariff attracted double the number of end-users targeted for six months vodafone turkey recycled sim card

The company said the growth was supported by the automatic payment method it offers. Approximately 90 percent of Vodafone Simple customers placed automatic payment orders in the first month.

Vodafone expanded its payment methods by adding the option of paying by debit card.

Vodafone Simple offers three tariffs that differ only in the amount of mobile internet. The 5 GB Simple XSmall can be purchased for TRY 39, 10 GB Simple Small for TRY 49, and 15 GB Simple Medium for TRY 59. All tariffs include 1,000 minutes, 100 SMS and unlimited WhatsApp content. Some 50 percent of customers who switched to Vodafone Simple preferred the Simple Small tariff.


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