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Vodafone Spain unveils Turbo, new roaming plan for US

Vodafone Spain is set to launch a new Yu-branded postpay tariff on 04 June with free calls between Vodafone Yu numbers plus roam like home in the US until 15 September. vodafone turbo
The “Turbo yuser” plan comes with 2GB of data and calls at 30 euro cents for the setup for EUR 16 a month, reports Xataka Movil, adding that the operator’s only other Yu postpay tariff – “Mega yuser” – comes with 30 minutes of calls to all numbers and 4GB of data for EUR 20 a month.
Vodafone Turbo Yuser will come into force on June 4, and is a very interesting incentive for those who already have friends or family at a Yu rate and who nevertheless want to purchase a device in installments without having to lose the main advantage of the Yu rates, which are said unlimited calls to other Yu.
The Mega yuser tariff will remain unchanged, both in the price and the Chat Pass and Social Pass included in the version of 20 euros, which also includes a bonus of 30 minutes. A total of 4 euros more in exchange for doubling the data and including minutes to all.
Vodafone Spain offers different roaming options for customers traveling to the United States, including daily packages, data packs, and pay-as-you-go rates. These options may vary depending on your plan and the duration of your trip.


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According to the US Department of Commerce, in 2019, the last full year before the COVID-19 pandemic, there were approximately 3.6 million visitors from Spain to the United States. This represented a slight increase from the previous year, when there were approximately 3.5 million Spanish visitors.


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