Vodafone Spain launches low-cost ‘Vodafone Bit’ mobile offer

The mobile plan has no permanence clause but the convergent tariff comes with a 12-month contract. Vodafone Bit also includes EU roaming and, by way of a promotion, free US roaming until 31 March 2019.

Bit only has two rates: a mobile, which offers unlimited calls and 25 gigs of data for 25 euros per month; and a package that adds to this mobile fiber optic line with 100 megabits of speed, for 50 euros per month.

The rates are very similar to the ones you just launched on the Spanish market Telefónica through its O2 brand, although it costs in both cases 5 euros more, with the only difference that Vodafone Bit gives 5 GB more data in the mobile line than O2.

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