Vodafone Qatar Passport now covers 130+ countries

With the addition of new countries, including Georgia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Finland, Iceland, Montenegro and Nepal, Vodafone Qatar Passport Pack now covers more than 130 countries, making it Qatar’s widest reaching roaming pack. Moreover, it remains the only roaming pack enabled on all operators across each of these countries.


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This also means customers on Vodafone Qatar’s Unlimited 5G Postpaid Plans can enjoy up to 75GB of roaming data in all the 130+ countries listed under Vodafone’s Passport Pack. This includes the region’s only 5G roaming service in the UK, launched just last month.

Vodafone Passport Pack lets customers enjoy 1GB of data and 100 minutes of roaming calls for only QR100 per week. On top of this, with every Vodafone Passport Pack activation customers can roam worry free in the air on-board 60 global airlines with Unlimited In-Flight data- the widest in-flight coverage- at no extra cost. Customers on 5G Unlimited Plans can also use their in-plan roaming data in-flight at no extra cost.

With the ocean covering 70 percent of the planet, customers sailing with Vodafone Qatar will be able to stay connected with Vodafone Maritime roaming services, which is available in more than 700 cruise ships.

Vodafone Qatar Chief Operating Officer, Diego Camberos, said: “We fully understand that the mobile nature of our customers requires an operator that can provide more than fast and seamless connections, but an unlimited geographical network. As the country’s leading roaming provider on land, sea and in the air, Vodafone Qatar is delighted to offer unrivalled products and services that allow our customers to stay connected no matter where they might be.”

Testament to their world-class roaming services, Vodafone Qatar is the only operator in the country that has been rated as a Premium Operator for their roaming services by the GSMA Association, the world’s foremost authority on mobile services.

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