Vodafone Netherlands and AT&T agree LTE-M roaming

Vodafone Netherlands announced an agreement with AT&T to open up their LTE-M networks to roaming by year-end. As a result, businesses running IoT services on the Dutch mobile network can also operate the objects on AT&T’s network in the US, with an automatic connection. Vodafone said this is the first LTE-M roaming deal between US and European companies.

Global network

With the agreement the possibilities of IoT for the business sector are increasing enormously, for example in cross-border logistics processes, such as sea or air transport. LTE-M has the ability to track moving objects, such as cargo, real-time. Thanks to this roaming agreement, customers of both providers will soon be able to use each other’s LTE-M network.

In 2018 a huge acceleration in the demand for IoT has been observed. Thanks to this roaming agreement, the available IoT network will only grow. John van Vianen, director of the business market VodafoneZiggo: “Connectivity must work worldwide, so that our customers have the freedom to optimize their business with IoT.We are working hard on these kinds of initiatives in order to optimally meet the needs of our customers.


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