Vodafone Italia to raise fixed prices from 26 October

charge for paper bills

Vodafone Italia announced an increase in price for some of its fixed offers from 26 October, to cover the costs of network investment and growing traffic, the company said. The plans will cost EUR 1.99 per month from that date. More latest Vodafone Italia prices news find out below.

To continue investing in the network and better respond to new traffic needs, starting from 26 October 2021 the cost of some fixed network offers will increase by € 1.99 per month.

Furthermore, with the aim of committing ourselves to reducing the environmental impact if the Digital Invoice has not yet been activated, from 26 October 2021 for the sending of the non-fiscal invoice in paper form, an increase of 0.61 euros will be expected. Shipping fees. To activate the Digital Invoice, you can go to voda.it/fattura_digitale.

From the same date, a change will be introduced to article 13 of the General Conditions for the ADLS or Fiber or Wireless connectivity service with the following integration: “In case of delayed payment of the invoice with respect to the deadline indicated therein, Vodafone avails itself of the right to request the payment of an indemnity for late payment by way of reimbursement of the management costs incurred (between 0% and 6% depending on the payment history and the days of late payment). The details of this amount and the conditions of application, as required by Resolution 179/03 / CSP, will be published in the “For the consumer” section of the website www.vodafone.it and will be periodically updated based on the costs incurred by Vodafone.

As of August 26, 2021, customers affected by the change will receive the notification on the invoice. If they do not accept it, pursuant to art. 70 paragraph 4 of the legislative decree 1 August 2003 n. 259, of resolution 519/15 / cons and of the general conditions of contract, will be able to withdraw from the contract or switch to another operator keeping their number without penalties or deactivation costs until the last day of validity of the previous conditions, indicated in the same communication. , specifying as the reason for the withdrawal “modification of the contractual conditions”.

They can exercise the right of withdrawal, at no additional costs other than those possibly related to the chosen method, on voda.it/disdetta, in Vodafone stores, by sending a registered letter with return receipt to Vodafone Customer Service, P.O.Box 190 – 10015 Ivrea (TO) , by writing via PEC to disdette@vodafone.pec.it specifying the reason indicated above.

Finally, they will be able to choose whether to pay any remaining installments of the activation cost and / or of the device (s) associated with this offer with the same frequency and with the same payment method previously indicated or in a single solution, communicating it in the request. vodafone italia prices

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