Vodafone is the most complained-about provider for broadband and landline in the UK

Ofcom has today published the latest league tables on the complaints they've received about the UK’s major telecoms and pay-TV companies


The tables rank providers according to the number of complaints to Ofcom per 100,000 customers. Vodafone topped the broadband table with 27 and the landline table with 19, beating TalkTalk into second place in both instances. The industry averages were 15 and 11 respectively.

Virgin Media generated the most complaints for both pay-monthly mobile and pay-TV services. The main reasons for complaints were contract issues and complaints handling.

Table showing the number of complaints to broadband providers: Vodafone = 27, TalkTalk = 23, BT = 22, Plusnet = 21, the industry average = 15, Virgin Media = 13, Post Office = 9, EE = 8, Sky = 5.     Table illustrating landline telephone complaints per 100,000 customers. Vodafone = 19, TalkTalk = 18, Plusnet = 17, BT = 13, Virgin Media = 12, the industry average = 11, Post Office = 9, EE = 6, Sky = 5.    Table illustrating pay-monthly mobile complaints per 100,000 customers. Virgin Mobile = 11, BT Mobile = 8, Vodafone = 8, iD Mobile = 5, the industry average = 4, Three = 4, O2 = 3, EE = 3, Tesco Mobile = 1.

Post Office is now also included for broadband for the first time, and has performed better than the industry average. Sky, Tesco Mobile, EE and O2 continue to perform better than the industry averages for the services they offer.

Complaints information helps people to think about quality of service when they are shopping around for a new provider, and encourages operators to improve their performance. Our service quality hub offers further information on choosing the best provider.

Jane Rumble, Ofcom’s Director of Consumer Policy, said: “With so much competition in telecoms and TV services, companies that are falling short need to make quality of service and complaints handling their priority. Customers who aren’t happy with their provider can shop around and vote with their feet.”

The league tables are published every quarter, and only count the number of complaints to Ofcom, because obviously the number of complaints to the actual company would be far higher.

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