Vodafone Ireland makes first holographic call over 5G

First live 5G infrastructure installed in Dublin’s docklands

Hosted by Vodafone Ireland’s CEO, Anne O’Leary, the holographic call involved a Q&A session with Max Gasparroni, Vodafone Ireland’s Interim CTO, who was in Germany, using fully standardised 5G technology.

The firm said the first Irish international holographic call was a demonstration of the type of possibilities that can be achieved on 5G, which could become an everyday future reality across business and society in Ireland.

Benefits include robotic surgery, driverless cars and real time virtual gaming on the move, Vodafone Ireland said.

Vodafone and Ericsson have also partnered with NovaUCD, the Centre for New Ventures and Entrepreneurs at University College Dublin, to create a new 5G accelerator programme.

5G will enable for the everyday user — that is someone in the normal sense, someone with a smartphone, or a device with the Internet of Things (IoT) — to unlock a plethora of new use cases. We classify the use cases broadly into four categories. The ultra-high speeds will enable use cases like broadband in media.

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