Vodafone Hungary introduces eSims

Vodafone Hungary has started offering eSims. The company also announced the further expansion of its 5G network in the area around Lake Balaton. Find our more about Vodafone Hungary eSIM below.


The introduction of eSIM (short for embedded SIM) is the latest in the line of environmentally-friendly measures introduced by the company. Last year, the operator halved the size of its SIM card holders in a bid to reduce plastic.
The new eSIM service is free of charge available to new Vodafone customers and existing customers with a physical SIM. ESIM is available for any residential voice and mobile data subscription.
One of the benefits of eSIM in terms of sustainability is that it is extremely simple, completely can be activated digitally and the eSIM profile can be changed easily and quickly during use between each device used by the customer, you no longer need to remove the physical SIM card then put it back in the device. ESIM is also a great solution for those who a two SIM cards are used every day, and thus two phones are typically used in parallel (for example, for business and personal phone numbers), as eSIM and a standard SIM card are combined eSIM phones can also be used as dual SIMs.

Activation on Android device

Activation on iOS device
Back in December 2019, Vodafone set a goal to halve the gender by April 2020 the use of basic plastics in its retail network as well as in its office premises.
As part of this sustainability strategy, the service provider has undertaken that it is required for SIM cards it halves the size of card holders, helping to protect the planet. The measurehas produced an amazing result: only the first half since the introduction of small SIM card holders year, the company saved 1.6 tons of plastic with this small step.

According to Vodafone, the benefits of eSIM include, in addition to its sustainability, the very simple, fully digital activation and the quick and easy switching of the eSIM profile between the different devices used by the customer, even during use, without the need to remove the physical SIM card and re-insert it into the device.

The eSIM can also be an effective solution for those who typically use two SIM cards and therefore two phones in parallel in their daily lives (for example, business and personal phone numbers), as eSIM and normal SIM cards can be used together to make eSIM phones dual SIM.

eSIM-enabled devices: vodafone hungary esim

iPhone SE 64GB
iPhone 11 128GB
iPhone 11 Pro 256GB
iPhone 11 Pro 64GB
iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB
iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB
iPhone 12 128GB
iPhone 12 mini 128GB
Apple iPad 2019 10.2 ”32GB Tablet-Silver
iPhone 12 mini 256GB
iPhone 12 mini 64GB
iPhone 12 Pro 128GB
iPhone 12 Pro 256GB
iPhone 12 Pro Max 128GB
iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB
iPhone SE 128GB
iPhone SE 64GB
iPhone XR 128GB
iPhone XS 64GB
iPhone XS Max 256GB
iPhone XS Max 64GB
Samsung G Note 20 256GB 5G DS
Samsung G Note 20U 256GB 5G DS
Samsung G S20 128GB DS NFC
Samsung G S20 U 128GB DS 5G NFC
Samsung G S20 + 128GB DS 5G NFC
Samsung G S21 128GB DS 5G
Samsung G S21 U 256GB DS 5G
Samsung G S21 + 128GB DS 5G
Samsung G Fold 2 256GB 5G DS HS – Black
Samsung G Fold 2 256GB 5G DS HS – Brown
Samsung GZ Flip 256GB 5G HS- Gray
Samsung GZ Flip 256GB NFC 4G HS- Gray

Three years ago, Magyar Telekom was the first eSIM to be introduced in Hungary for the first time on a test basis, which since then has only allowed its monthly fee customers to use the plastic-free subscriber ID. The service provider told in March that by that time around a hundred thousand devices had eSIM enabled, which is a fraction of the total subscriber base.

With the introduction of eSIM, Telenor Hungary remains the only debtor to advocate the introduction of the technology this year, but the company has not yet given any details.


The Vodafone 5G network is also expanding around Lake Balaton vodafone hungary esim

On Lake Balaton  users can enjoy the benefits of the new generation mobile network.
In 2019, Vodafone Hungary was the first of the domestic service providers to be launched by everyone available for outdoor commercial 5G service in downtown Budapest in 2016 purchased thanks to its 3500MHzes frequency kit.
The Lake Balaton region is of paramount importance to Vodafone Hungary, so the service provider is the latter
has continuously developed its network in the region over the years.
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