Vodafone Hungary fined for misleading 4G roaming ads

Hungaryʼs Competition Office (GVH) on Saturday said it fined Vodafone Magyarország almost HUF 1.2 billion for false advertising

Hungary’s consumer protection authority GVH fined Vodafone Hungary HUF 1.176 billion (€3.5 million) for the misleading claim in a 2015-2016 ad campaign that its subscribers could join ‘Europe’s largest 4G partner network’.
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Vodafone boasted that its 4G network was the “biggest in Europe” in advertisements run over a year from September 2015, but couldnʼt back up that claim with evidence, GVH said.

“The ads in question stated without evidence that Vodafone was the market leader position with regard to an important attribute of the service, network coverage, thus the aforementioned claims are in breach of unfair commercial practices towards customers,” GVH said in its ruling.

The office noted that Vodafone Hungary had been cited for unfair market practices on twelve occasions in the past 10 years, which it considered an aggravating factor. However, it took into account voluntary compliance measures the company has taken as a mitigating factor.

In 2010, GVH fined both Vodafone and German-owned T-Mobile when both companies claimed to have the fastest mobile data network in the country without reasonable proof.

Vodafone Magyarország said it would appeal the GVH resolution.

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