Vodafone Greece increases roaming charges for prepaid private, business subscribers

Vodafone Greece announced that it increased as of 3 July its roaming charges for voice and SMS calls to countries outside the EU.


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In Zone 2 (Europe-non-EU), prices of outgoing calls within the roaming country increased from EUR 1.56 (with VAT) per minute to EUR 1.72 per minute and to Greece / EU / rest of the world from EUR 3.62 per minute in EUR 3.98 per minute.

Incoming calls rose from EUR 1.56 per minute to EUR 1.72 per minute and sending SMS grew from EUR 0.42 per SMS to EUR 0.51 per SMS. Prices for calls and SMS in zone 3 (Rest of the world) and 4 (satellite networks) areas were also increased: € 0.49 / sms to € 0.59 / sms, Zone 4 (Satellite Networks) / min to € 1.2 / sms. The billing step and the minimum call duration remain unchanged.

In addition to the same date, the charge for Vodafone Pasa Everywhere, after consumption of the integrated MB of the program, is from € 1,00 / MB to € 1,10 / MB. The other features of the service are not altered.

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