Vodafone Germany to allow use of Vodafone Pass across EU from December

Following Telekom's StreamOn, the Vodafone Pass will also be available for EU roaming

Vodafone Germany has announced that it will extend use of its Vodafone Pass to the EU, Lichtenstein, Norway and Iceland from 13 December. The Vodafone Pass allows consumers to use selected chat, social, music and video apps without being charged for the data used. One category can be selected free of charge and others can be purchased for a fee.


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In summer, Deutsche Telekom had to unlock its StreamOn options for use in EU roaming and abandon the throttling of video streams to 480p.

New and existing customers who have booked a Vodafone Pass will automatically benefit from the activation of the zero rating options for use in other European countries.

Unlike Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone does not include Switzerland in the group of countries in which regulated EU roaming conditions apply. Consequently, the Vodafone Pass can not be used in Switzerland. Apart from the states that belong to the European Union, the Zero Rating only applies in the EEA countries Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway, where the regulated EU tariff is also available.

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