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Infobip announces collaboration with Vodafone in Germany to offer security solutions for business customers

Global cloud communications platform Infobip has announced a partnership with one of the largest mobile network operators (MNOs) in Germany, Vodafone to ensure world-class mobile security for a potential 62 million smartphone users across the country. Vodafone joins Telekom Deutschland in enabling Infobip’s mobile authentication solution Mobile Identity, which will be available to enterprise customers in banking, retail and public sectors, so they can offer a secure and seamless experience to end customers. vodafone germany security

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The increase in fraud over the last two years has demonstrated the critical need for businesses to layer security. While two-factor-authentication (2FA) through email, SMS, or a push notification ensure a company can verify a person, it comes at the cost of customers having to switch channels to confirm, disrupting the customer experience.

By employing Infobip’s Mobile Identity solution, businesses will be able to easily verify customers via their mobile phone number across every stage of the journey, from account activation and onboarding to payment and app download. This all happens securely and silently in the background, without requiring the customer to enter a verification code.

The solutions available within Mobile Identity include Silent Mobile Verification, meaning customers can verify users in a smooth and unobtrusive way and SIM-Swap check, which captures real time insights to see if a mobile phone number has been swapped, protecting customers from this rising form of fraud.

“Our Mobile Identity solutions are built with brand reputation and customer experience in mind, helping businesses offer unrivalled protection seamlessly and silently in the background. By working with operators like Vodafone and Telekom Deutschland, we’re building better customer protection into the entire customer journey. Its mobile security and user experience done right.“

Mareike Tatic, Sales Director, DACH

About Infobip

Infobip is a global cloud communications platform that enables businesses to build connected experiences across all stages of the customer journey. Accessed through a single platform, Infobip’s omnichannel engagement, identity, user authentication and contact center solutions help businesses and partners overcome the complexity of consumer communications to grow business and increase loyalty. With over a decade of industry experience, Infobip has expanded to 65+ offices across six continents.  vodafone germany security


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