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Vodafone Germany introduced eSIM Push activation method: no need for QR code or ePIN

Vodafone’s eSIM, the latest generation of SIM cards, that are stored in digital form directly in the mobile device’s memory, is becoming increasingly popular. The number doubles every year to around 500,000 – by the end of the financial year, there will be one million digital cards. Find out more about the new Vodafone Germany eSIM push service.

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No wonder, because most devices are already eSIM-capable, and the quick download of the eSIM only takes a few seconds. And from August, CallYa customers will also be able to order an eSIM for the first time. To make it even easier, faster, and more sustainable for the eSIM to get onto the smartphone, Vodafone Germany has launched the eSIM Push, which introduces an activation method that is unique in Germany and, for the first time, works entirely without paper.

When you buy an eSIM-enabled smartphone with a term tariff in the online shop, the eSIM is now preselected and permanently linked to the device. This makes commissioning much easier because the SIM profile can now be downloaded to the smartphone and activated at the push of a button without having to scan a QR code and enter the ePIN. In this way, customers can access the Internet even faster and more conveniently. This makes Vodafone the first German provider to further simplify the eSIM activation process in the online environment.

When you buy an eSIM-enabled smartphone with a term tariff in the Vodafone online shop, the eSIM profile is now linked to the device or to the globally unique eSIM chip serial number (eID, for short). The customer can conveniently download the eSIM during initial setup or at any time via the device settings. He is connected to the Vodafone network in a very short time without having to scan the QR code stored in the MeinVodafone app and enter the ePIN.

Also new in the online shop is pre-selection, in which a digital eSIM is automatically stored. If this is not desired, the customer can switch to a plastic SIM. eSIM push and preselection not only make a significant contribution to improving the customer experience but also take an important step towards Mission Green. Because the entire eSIM activation process works completely digitally, it is plastic and paper-free. vodafone germany esim push


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