Vodafone declares war to plastic and issues ‘half-sized’ SIMs

Vodafone is to issue customers with half-sized SIM card holders as part of measures to eliminate all non-essential plastics at its retail stores and offices by April 2020

Vodafone Group looked to improve its environmental credentials with a new pledge to halve the size of its SIM  cards and adding a range of eco-friendly accessories ahead of Christmas. vodafone sim card

Under the new initiative, the standard credit card-sized holder sent to customers, who then poke out their SIM, will be replaced with a new format to halve the amount of plastic used.

Vodafone SIM card savings

By reducing the size of the holder, Vodafone will reduce plastic waste by more than 340 tonnes and save up to 15 tonnes of carbon dioxide emitted during the production and transportation for every tonne of plastic reduced. This amounts to a reduction of 5,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

The operator’s 7,700 retail stores worldwide will no longer offer plastic bags and will restrict the use of plastic marketing or promotional materials. A range of eco-friendly accessories will also be stocked, including phone cases, charging backs and docks, under the ‘Red loves Green’ branding.

Vodafone will help customers to recycle and extend the lifespan of their devices and will no longer offer plastic bags in its 7,700 retail stores worldwide. Stores will also restrict their use of plastic marketing and promotion materials and will stock a range of ‘Red loves Green’ eco-friendly accessories. This includes phone cases, charging banks and docks made from sustainable materials.

There is a commitment to use entirely renewable energy, while plastic consumables, such as pens, folders, straws, and cutlery, will be replaced with reusable, recyclable alternatives where feasible in Vodafone’s office buildings.

Halving our environmental impact means not only tackling material issues such as our carbon footprint and e-waste, but also taking action in other areas where we have an impact, such as the non-essential or disposable plastics we use in our retail stores and offices,” said Vodafone Director of External Affairs, Joakim Reiter.


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