Vodafone Czech roaming: highest data roaming traffic in Germany, Croatia and Italy

Unlimited tariffs have contributed to online holidays

Vodafone Czech Republic has announced the most common data roaming destinations for its subscribers in July.
Germany is at the top of this list by data traffic volume, followed by Croatia, Italy, Hungary and Slovakia. France, Spain, Greece, Poland and the Netherlands are also in the list of most visited countries.

vodafone czech roaming

Vodafone launched a new offer on June 1 and the best unlimited tariff for individuals came on the market  In the first month alone, tens of thousands of customers bought new tariffs. This also includes existing Vodafone customers who have switched to a tariff with a higher – unlimited amount of data. Such customers have increased their monthly data consumption by an average of 2.5 times.

“It turns out that unlimited tariffs have really brought freedom to customers. They no longer have to worry about running out of their monthly data package. We want everyone to be able to enjoy unlimited data without worries, which is why we have brought a separate Unlimited Basic  tariff  for  CZK 599 per month, as well as for CZK 499  in combination with fixed internet . In such a combination, demanding users will receive an unlimited tariff, including  unlimited speed  for 999 crowns, “  says Quique Vivas, Vodafone Czech Republic’s Vice President for Non-Corporate Customers.

Online and on holiday abroad vodafone czech roaming

Czechs are also no longer afraid to use mobile data abroad. For example, a customer with an unlimited tariff during his stay in Croatia consumed an average of 8 GB of data in July. As the Vodafone Data Calculator shows, this means, for example, 26 hours of watching high-quality video on YouTube or listening to 133 hours of music over the Internet. Also in Italy it was about 8 GB of data, in Germany 5 GB. This page summarizes which countries belong to the most customer-friendly Zone 1  . 

In absolute terms, Czechs consumed the most mobile data in Germany in July, almost 500 terabytes of data, or 500,000 GB. This was followed by Croatia, Italy, Austria, Slovakia, followed by France, Spain, Greece, Poland and the tenth Netherlands.

Still popular in Croatia, but also in Greece vodafone czech roaming

Most Czechs traveled to Croatia in July. The high numbers also applied to Ukraine, where, however, it is often a question of labor movement. The top ten then looks like this: Croatia, (Ukraine), Slovakia, Germany, Italy, Austria, Greece, Poland, Spain, Bulgaria and France. Included are dates when the SIM card has been in the country for at least 2 consecutive days. In July, over 110,000 unique Vodafone customers joined the Croatian mobile network. But he also thinks of customers who travel to exotic destinations. Roaming per day  currently offers five times the data.

On the other hand, who will spend more time at home after returning from vacation or holidays, can take advantage of the current Connection offer  full of benefits . In combination with fixed internet, it is now possible to get Vodafone TV, specifically the Komfort tariff, for 3 months free of charge (only 70 crowns are paid for renting a set-top box). And even then, thanks to the combination of services, the price for television will permanently fall by almost half. It is also possible to watch TV via a web application  anytime and anywhere . Another benefit of Vodafone TV is the widest range of HD quality programs on the market and a video library with more than 2,000 titles, including 4K titles. Vodafone TV also gives you easy access to your favorite applications, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. vodafone czech roaming

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