Vodafone Czech Republic offers daily Vodafone Passes in Christmas promotion

Vodafone introduced its nationwide Christmas campaign and also released a Christmas offer for its customers. There are seven Vodafone Passes per day every month for free for the whole year

Vodafone Czech Republic will from 19 November give away daily Vodafone Passes, within its Christmas campaign, and introduce a new Vodafone Cloud option. The operator will offer every customer seven daily Vodafone Passes every month, during the whole year. In total, every customer will in this way get up to 80 daily Vodafone Passes over the 12-month period as a gift.

How do Vodafone Passes work?

Applications included in your selected Pass do not use up any of your data. They are always there not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad. To use applications included in the Pass, you must have at least some data left in your tariff.

You just need to watch out for any content that re-directs you from these applications. If you click on a link that takes you away from the app or watch a third-party content, the data will be taken from your standard data bundle.

A Vodafone Pass can be easily activated with your tariff provided that it includes a monthly data allowance. You can also activate it with a prepaid card with an active Prepaid Bundle that renews periodically and includes data.

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