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Vodafone Czech Republic introduced daily roaming pack

Mobile operator Vodafone Czech Republic has introduced a promotion for customers using its daily roaming package in states outsisde the EU.


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Data for the last 12 months show that, in addition to the European Union countries, Vodafone clients use mobile data abroad, mainly in the USA, Switzerland and Turkey. The ranking of other states is in the attached graphics.

For all travelers with unlimited tariffs, whether on holiday or for work, Vodafone has good news: they get five times the mobile data at the Roaming tariff per day for an unchanged price. Not only from the above-mentioned countries, but also from Thailand, Australia or the Caribbean, thanks to the tariff, they can call and write SMS for 24 hours without limitations and have 500 MB of data instead of the current 100 MB.

Not only for unlimited tariffs

This data increase also applies to customers who already have a 7-day roaming per day tariff.

Customers with limited units for calling or SMS to all networks will also be pleased – they can use the service up to the amount of their free units.

“We bring clearly the best offer on the market and we want to please everyone who is going to the world with their mobile. Today we can be close even though we are thousands of kilometers apart. The promotion will last for more than three months, until May 15, ” says Quique Vivas, Vice President Vodafone Czech Republic for Non-Business Customers.

Possibility of further purchase of data

The volume of 500 MB means, for example, virtually unlimited work with e-mails or thousands of visited websites, as shown by the Vodafone Data Calculator . Social networks like Facebook and Twitter can also be used.

Within Roaming per day new 500 MB of data are available, which are subtracted from the domestic data package. During the data collection, Vodafone informs the customer by SMS message how much he has already used up. If it needs more data, it simply sets up DataLimit for roaming in My Vodafone, ie the number of automatic purchases (always 500 MB for CZK 149). By default, the service count is zero.

The promotion will run in 120 states until 15 May.
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