Vodafone announce changes to their roaming services 🇬🇧


On 28 March 2019 Vodafone will make some changes to the roaming services provided for the following plans:

  • Business Premier, Small Business Solutions (Business Value, Business Extra, Business Premier, Business Black and Business Black Global)

Users will be able to use their home plan abroad in more destinations, and operator is also reducing their standard roaming charges in a number of destinations worldwide. Full details of these changes can be found below.

Standard charges for using mobile services while abroad from 28 March 2019

Vodafone is updating the prices for using  phones in a number of destinations outside Europe and some destinations will change zone. Travelling to most destinations will be cheaper, however there will be a small increase for some destinations. Updated standard roaming rates are detailed below.

(Please note: all prices exclude VAT)

You can view the full list of destinations and their roaming zones as of 28 March 2019 here

Please note: Albania and Bosnia & Herzegovina have moved from Europe Zone 2 to Rest of World Zone 1.


Data Traveller

Vodafone is closing  Data Traveller service. Customers who currently have Data Traveller will see the service removed from 28 March 2019. Use of data or the internet will be charged at the cost per MB rates shown in the table above.

Small Business Traveller

Small Business Traveller (previously known as Business Traveller) lets you take your home plan with you when working anywhere in our Small Business Traveller Zones. Vodafone is adding 42 destinations to  Small Business Traveller World Zone.

This means that for £5 a day (exc. VAT) you’ll be able to take your home plan of data, minutes and texts with you to even more places around the world. Please note that if you have a Business Black or Business Black Global plan this daily charge does not apply.

Vodafone is also moving Albania and Bosnia & Herzegovina from  Europe Zone to our World Zone. This means that all usage in these countries will be charged at £5 a day (exc. VAT) on the days you use your phone.

Full list of the 44 newly-added World Zone destinations:

Afghanistan Macau Samoa
Albania Macedonia Saudi Arabia
Andorra Malaysia South Korea
Armenia Moldova South Sudan
Bahrain Mongolia Sri Lanka
Bangladesh Montenegro Swaziland
Bosnia & Herzegovina Montserrat Taiwan
Cambodia Morocco Tanzania
Fiji Myanmar Tonga
Georgia Nicaragua Ukraine
Honduras Oman United Arab Emirates
Jordan Pakistan Uzbekistan
Kazakhstan Papua New Guinea Vanuatu
Kuwait Paraguay Vietnam
Laos Philippines

All Vodafone Small Business Plans include Small Business Traveller. If you are on a Vodafone Business Value or Business Premier plan, you can opt out of Small Business Traveller. If you do so, you will revert back to standard roaming rates.

To opt out, you can text REMOVE BUSINESS to 40506. If you’ve opted out previously and wish to take advantage of these changes, you can opt back in by texting ADD BUSINESS to 40506. You cannot opt out of Small Business Traveller with a Vodafone Business Black plan. The service is included in your plan.

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