Vodafone Albania introduced 4 new roaming offers

Vodafone Albania will from 7 February introduce four new roaming packages for prepaid and postpaid subscribers of the Vodafone Next and Next+ plans. More about Vodafone Albania roaming offers below.

Why should you choose Vodafone Next?

  • 2-fold internet in Roaming Packages 
  • Free internet transfer up to 2GB per month 
  • 50% more VCoins on Vodafone More 
  • More control over your spending through My Vodafone App 
  • Activate additional packages at any time you want through My Vodafone app and pay in the following month 
  • Uninterrupted communication


512 MB 4G internet
800 National minutes
250 National SMS

1,000 Lekë/Month


3 GB 4G internet
2500 National minutes
20 International minutes
250 Inter/National SMS

1,500 Lekë/Month


6 GB 4G internet
3500 National minutes
40 International minutes
350 Inter/National SMS

2,000 Lekë/Month


12 GB 4G internet
4500 National minutes
100 International minutes
450 Inter/National SMS

3,000 Lekë/Month

Vodafone Albania is approved for legal merger with AbCom Vodafone Albania roaming offers

As of late December 2020 local Albanian Authorities have fully approved and endorsed the legal merger of Vodafone Albania’s with Abcom.  The legal merger approval comes after the acquisition of Abcom from Vodafone Albania in February 2020. Vodafone Albania is now a full converged company.

This is very exciting news for the business and the Albanian market as well. Vodafone Albania can now offer for its customer’s mobile and fixed services as well as a whole new range of products and services.
Vodafone Albania will invest approximately 100 million Euros in upgrading the existing fixed infrastructure, meeting the demand of all its customers in the new era where internet is becoming more and more of a crucial service.
Vodafone Albania’s legal merger with Abcom will develop the electronic communication market and will boost competition in the fixed market, improving the quality of services and customer experience.

Vodafone has been a pioneer in bringing benefits of the mobile and digital revolution to the country and the driving force behind the development of the mobile industry in Albania. In 2011, Vodafone was the first to launch 3G services, introducing for the first time a high speed mobile Internet access at affordable prices. 4 years later, Vodafone launched another state of the art 4G/4G+ network, hence revolutionizing the customers’ navigation experience and introducing another advanced level of speed and quality. Vodafone Albania roaming offers

Customer satisfaction is main priority of Vodafone, therefore, the company has invested more than €1,998 mln in Albania including here investments in infrastructure, spectrum, regulatory fees, distribution channels, human resources etc. In 2019, Vodafone was the first operator to acquire 800 MHZ frequencies for the amount of € 7.4 mln. In 2020, Vodafone entered the fixed market acquiring Abcom in February 2020.


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