Top 10 reasons why Cycling Enthusiasts Must Visit Slovenia

No matter what kind of bike you prefer, how much stamina you have and what routes pique your interest, you will definitely be able to find a cycling adventure to your liking in Slovenia

With just ten days remaining before the epic Tour de France cycle race kicks off, Slovenia has revealed the top ten reasons to plan your own adventure in the home country of the best cyclists in the world.visit slovenia

Celebrating Europe’s new cycling capital visit slovenia

Slovenia entered the global cycling spotlight during last year’s Tour de France, when cycling superstars Tadej Pogacar and Primož Roglič secured a historic first and second place finish for their home country. Now, with less than two weeks to go before the Tour de France 2021 gets underway (on the 26th of June), the Slovenian Tourist Board has revealed ten reasons why Slovenia is the perfect destination for cycling enthusiasts of all ages and abilities.

A truly diverse year-round cycling destination

Amazing natural diversity and a warm Mediterranean climate make Slovenia the ideal base for cycling adventures almost all year round, whether you’re exploring stunning alpine trails and bike parks, cycling between vineyards in the Dolenjska and Prekmurje regions or even discovering bike-friendly cities such as Ljubljana and Maribor.

Not a road cyclist? In Slovenia, it’s easy to go ‘off road’ and sample mountain biking and sample the forest paths and dirt tracks of areas such as Koroška, while e-bikes are ideal for families to cycle together through beautiful landscapes and along long-distance trails such as the Drava Cycling Route.

Cyclist-friendly accommodation and delicious food

This new article also highlights Slovenia’s wide range of certified cyclist-friendly accommodations, offering everything from safe bike storage to bike rental, licensed cycling guides, tailored menus and even massage and sauna facilities.

Nutrition is vital for cyclists and, as you may expect from the European Region of Gastronomy 2021, Slovenia offers much in the way of delicious local produce to help keep you well fuelled. What better way to celebrate a successful ride than to enjoy a meal at one of Slovenia’s Michelin-starred restaurants.

A Green&Safe destination for cyclists 

Already considered one of the world’s safest and greenest countries, Slovenia has gone one step further and created the GREEN&SAFE responsible travel standard to ensure that visitors remain safe as tourism reopens. This means cyclists can be certain that a Slovenian cycling adventure is a safe and exciting option for 2021 and beyond!

1. Explore Slovenia’s amazing natural diversity visit slovenia

Few countries can compare to Slovenia in terms of natural diversity. Whether it is exploring stunning alpine trails and bike parks, cycling among the green vineyards in the Dolenjska and Prekmurje regions, or challenging oneself to long-distance bicycle rides, every cyclist can find something to suit them in Slovenia. With all its beauty concentrated in a relatively small area, Slovenia offers many wonders that travellers on two wheels can admire. In addition, the temperate Mediterranean climate makes it possible to go cycling almost year-round.

2. Road cycling along the routes of the Tour de France legends

The Tour de France stars Primož Roglič and Tadej Pogačar are responsible for Slovenia becoming synonymous with world-class road cycling. Events such as the Tour of Slovenia cycling race have shown that it is possible to enjoy a variety of road cycling adventures in Slovenia.

3. Mountain biking and bike parks in Slovenia

Embark on a journey to explore various Slovenian mountain biking trails, which are suitable for both beginners and top cyclists. Koroška is one of the best Slovenian regions for mountain bikers, as it boasts many mountain trails, forest paths and dirt roads, which present a challenge even for the most experienced cyclists.

4. Family-friendly cycling holiday

Not all Slovenian cycling routes are intended only for experienced cyclists; there are many cycling routes throughout the country that are also suitable for beginners and families. You can enjoy a relaxing ride by the seaside, at the foothills of mighty mountain peaks or along one of the most important European rivers.

5. Unique themed cycling routes

Why not enjoy one of Slovenia’s themed routes and combine cycling with other aspects such as great food and sustainability? Cycle the slopes of the only national park in Slovenia, through destinations that swear by their green strategies, and along a route that unveils the most delicious secrets the countryside has to offer.

6. Exploring cities by bicycle visit slovenia

In addition to cycling through Slovenia’s natural landscapes, you can also explore Slovenian cities on two wheels. The capital city of Ljubljana is ranked among the most cyclist-friendly cities in the world and has more than 230 km of marked cycling routes. You can even enjoy a unique Moustache Tour around the city, involving very special guides. Another great option for bicycle exploration is Maribor, especially its Old Vine Route, which takes cyclists from the oldest grapevine in the world in the city centre to the nearby vineyards.

slovenia city bike

7. Easy travelling around Slovenia by e-bike

E-bikes have made exploring Slovenia’s beautiful and colourful landscapes on two wheels easier and more accessible. E-bikes allow cyclists to avoid exerting themselves on strenuous climbs or in windy conditions and promote a green, active and healthy way of exploring. In addition, e-bikes make it possible for families to cycle together, be it through the stunning landscapes of the Bela Krajina region, along the wine-growing valleys of the Posavje region, among the thermal springs of the Dolenjska region or through the picturesque historical Mediterranean towns and villages in Istria.

8. Cyclist-friendly accommodation

Slovenia has many cyclist-friendly hotels, hostels, boarding houses, holiday apartments and other types of accommodation. Throughout the country, you will find certified cyclist-friendly accommodations that have been rated from one to five bikes.

9. Enjoy local Slovenian dishes on cycling tours

Nutrition is of key importance for cyclists and Slovenia will serve up plenty of opportunities to grab a bite of delicious local foods and enjoy an excellent gastronomic selection. Slovenia has been awarded the title of European Region of Gastronomy 2021 and is considered one of the most exciting European countries in terms of cuisine. When on a cycling tour, you can taste your way through a country with no less than 24 gastronomic regions – and there is no better way to celebrate a successful adventure than to enjoy a meal at one of Slovenia’s Michelin-starred restaurants.

slovenia biking

10. Gravel cycling and bicycle touring in Slovenia

If you are looking for something different, gravel cycling and bicycle touring are becoming more and more popular in Slovenia. Gravel bikes offer a new and interesting opportunity to explore many Slovenian cycling routes and are designed to overcome more demanding off-road route sections. Bicycle touring goes a step further: combining cycling on different types of terrain with “backpacking”, it is ideal for those who want to explore the long-distance Slovenian cycling routes for a longer period of time. (SOURCE Slovenian Tourist Board)

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