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More Tourists to Visit Europe in 2022 as COVID-19 Restrictions Lift, ETC reports

More tourists are expected to visit Europe this summer as the number of bookings has increased and the concerns related to COVID-19 have significantly lowered. While all nationalities show more interest in travelling and have already booked their flights, Russians are the most uncertain about travelling as only eight per cent of those have booked flights, research by the European Travel Council (ETC) reveals. visit europe 2022

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According to the European Travel Council (ETC) study, the concerns related to COVID-19 have somewhat been substituted with travellers choosing places where renowned attractions have been made, which indicates a strong desire for more travelling.

Destinations that effectively manage the COVID-19 pandemic continue to be the most sought destinations even for the summer of 2022, despite the virus-related concerns becoming less important (-15 per cent) for selecting a vacation spot.

In other words, out of 2,054 respondents from the world who intend to travel long-haul to Europe between May and August of 2022, 31 per cent of those picked destination’s safety to visit as the main reason for their trips. This share was higher in the summer of 2021 (34 per cent).

Another criteria for destination selection that has marked a decrease is the implementation of COVID-19 measures, dropping from 44 per cent in the summer of 2021 to 29 per cent. The number of COVID-19 infection cases is no longer that important to travellers, as only 19 per cent of respondents had concerns related to the matter, in comparison to last summer when 45 per cent of the respondents listed this as a factor for their travel plans.

As the following information will show, France has remained a top destination for foreigners, in addition to coastal destinations such as Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece. In addition, train passes have been the leading type of transport selected by travellers to move within Europe, which is great news for the EU’s goal to reduce carbon emissions.

Russia visit europe 2022

Data from the report shows that Russian travellers are unsure as to when they will be able to visit Europe, with 92 per cent of them haven’t booked a flight ticket yet but wanting to travel to the EU, especially in July (16 per cent).

In addition, eight per cent of Russian respondents claimed they had booked their flight ticket to Europe, with 51 per cent of those saying they wanted to visit the coast and beach resorts while 32 per cent opted for cities and metropolitan areas.

Compared to other nationalities, Russians’ travel pattern is quite different as the majority opt for different holiday spots. For example, Turkey is the most popular destination (24 per cent), followed by Italy (15 per cent) and Cyprus (14 per cent).

Other countries that follow the list are Germany (12 per cent), Greece (11 per cent), Spain and Austria (ten per cent), Bulgaria (nine per cent), Finland and France (eight per cent) and for the first time in this report are mentioned Serbia and Montenegro with seven per cent of Russians planning to go there.

As per the type of transportation, unlike other nationalities, Russians like to travel by rented cars (21 per cent), followed by full-service flights (18 per cent) and low-cost flights (17 per cent).


The study shows that the majority of Brazilian respondents don’t know yet when they will travel to the EU (35 per cent), while 16 per cent have booked their flight for June and another 15 per cent for August. In addition, 49 per cent of the respondents chose the coast and beach resorts for their holidays, while 45 per cent opted for mountains and national parks.

Brazilians’ haven’t changed much about travel plans; they remain loyal to Portugal, as 43 per cent of respondents revealed the country is a preferred destination for them this summer.

Other countries on Brazilians’ top ten list include Italy (37 per cent), France (34 per cent), Spain (26 per cent) and the United Kingdom and Germany (17 per cent). As per the type of transport, Brazilians opt for train passes within the EU (31 per cent) and rented cars (29 per cent), while the lowest interest is recorded for low-cost flights (27 per cent).


Unlike Brazilians, 45 per cent of which have already booked their flights, Canadians are more hesitant about the timing of their next trip to Europe, as 40 per cent of those confirmed. Among those who have already booked flights, four per cent plan to visit Europe in May, nine per cent in June and July, while seven per cent will fly to the continent in August.

Coasts and beach resorts are the most sought destination types (49 per cent), followed by cities and metropolitan areas (31 per cent) and mountains and national parks (27 per cent).

Just like in the previous years, Canadians’ favourite holiday spot is France (32 per cent), followed by Italy (27 per cent), the United Kingdom (22 per cent) and Germany and Spain (16 per cent).

In comparison to Brazilians, Canadians prefer low-cost flights for their movement within the EU (28 per cent), followed by full-service flights (24 per cent), and only 22 per cent opt for train passes.


The interest of the Chinese travellers has increased this summer compared to the previous one, as 26 per cent of them have already booked their flights, while 39 per cent remain uncertain. Unlike other nationalities, the Chinese are more interested in cities and metropolitan areas (63 per cent), followed by coast and beach resorts (49 per cent) and another 38 per cent like to visit different places.

The top ten countries Chinese want to visit include France (55 per cent), Italy (29 per cent), Germany (28 per cent), Austria (26 per cent), Finland and Denmark (20 per cent).

While a whopping 73 per cent of respondents opt for full-service flights during their travel within the EU, 38 per cent chose train passes, 24 per cent opt for single-train tickets and 17 per cent for the bus.


Japanese remain the most uncertain about travelling in the summer of 2022, as 74 per cent of respondents revealed. On the other hand, 14 per cent have booked their flights, but that’s relatively low compared to the corresponding time in 2019.

Cities and metropolitan areas are Japanese travellers’ top spots to visit (48 per cent), followed by the coast and beach resorts as well as those opting for all kinds of spots during a trip, with 28 per cent shares for each type of travel type.

Italy is the Japanese’s favourite holiday destination (23 per cent) while France and Germany follow with 21 per cent each. Holidaymakers from Japan also chose low-cost flights and full-service flights for their movement in Europe, while 26 per cent opt for single-train tickets.

The United States visit europe 2022

41 per cent of Americans have booked their flights to Europe, with most of those being recorded for June (15 per cent), while July and May have a percentage share of seven per cent. Another nine per cent will travel to Europe in August, while three per cent don’t know yet where they will travel.

Like the Japanese, Americans like to visit cities and metropolitan areas most, followed by coast and beach resorts (39 per cent). Unlike other travellers, American holidaymakers also prefer the countryside and rural areas (27 per cent).

On the other hand, France is the top destination for travel (34 per cent), followed by Italy (28 per cent) and Germany (24 per cent).

Furthermore, American travellers were torn between booking flight tickets and travelling by bus, as 39 per cent opted for full-service flights, 24 per cent for train passes and 22 per cent for single-trains.


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