Viibrant Offers Complimentary Senior Living Communication Service in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

As we learn to navigate the world with COVID-19, we are offering communities a 90 Day Free Trial. No Implementation Fee. Cancel Anytime. We represent the largest at-risk population and we want to help keep resident connected.

Viibrant, a leading provider of customized resident engagement systems for senior living communities, today announced it will provide interested senior centers with Viibrant Xe, its premier mobile communication tool, at no cost for three months.

“This is such a critical time for our nation’s seniors and their families, and we’re determined to ensure they feel heard and cared for during this time of uncertainty,” said Viibrant President Patrick Smith. “Viibrant is perfectly positioned to help our most vulnerable population and their caretakers through technology that saves time and resources, allowing senior living staff to communicate effectively while better prioritizing the health and wellbeing of their residents.”


Viibrant Xe is a self-managed mobile app designed to meet the unique needs of communities and to help them share vital announcements, provide updates to residents, and manage community health and safety. Notable features of the tool include push notifications, to-go ordering, forums, directories, document sharing and contact forms.

Often chosen for its user-friendly interface for residents and robust suite of solutions, Viibrant is helping to elevate the senior living experience with fully integrated features such as voice recognition technology, smart home accessories, emergency alerts, appointment bookings, and synchronized, interactive digital and mobile tools like Viibrant Xe.

Smith added: “Our innovation empowers communities by tailoring technology to simplify tasks for their residents and keep them connected and engaged, which is especially important during times of concern and confusion. We’re gratified to be able to offer this assistance in light of the widening effects of the coronavirus crisis.” 


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