Viettel becomes the first 5G carrier in Vietnam

Viettel Group announced the launching of 5G commercial trial, becoming the first network operator in Vietnam to provide 5G services to customers after a period of technical tests.

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Customers using 5G-enabled cell phones in the downtown of Hoan Kiem District, Ba Dinh District and Hai Ba Trung District can now enjoy 5G service without SIM card upgrade. During the trial period, Viettel will provide unlimited 5G data free of charge, enabling customers to experience the advantages of the fifth generation of mobile technologies in term of speed and connectivity.

Viettel’s 5G base transceiver stations use Non-Standalone Access (NSA), technology currently used by the world’s leading 5G carriers such as SK Telecom, KT (South Korea), Verizon (the U.S.) and Vodafone (the U.K). Besides improving the coverage, this technology increases capacity and reduces interferences. The improved bandwidth helps to increase 5G speed by tens of times while reducing the latency by 10 times compared to 4G.

All of Viettel’s 5G antennas are state-of-the-art 64T64R type (64 transmitters and 64 receivers) that double both radius of coverage and capacity compared to 4T4R antennas (4 transmitters and 4 receivers) commonly used in Vietnam.

Initial tests show that Viettel’s 5G speed reachs 1.2 – 1.5 Gbps – the highest in Vietnam. Customers using Viettel’s 5G services can download a 90-minute HD movie in just 30 seconds (tens of times faster than 4G services), watch live football, or play online games with lag-free experiences.  Moreover, Viettel’s 5G will provide the context of the boom of AR/VR applications such as virtual travel, virtual shopping…, making huge contribution to changes in socio-economic life.

At the launching event, Viettel connected to Viet Duc Hospital via the Group’s self-developed 5G network and Telehealth system. 5G real-time connectivity in the coming time will make an important contribution to remote medical examination, treatment and surgery in Vietnam.

Chairman cum General Director of Viettel Group Major General Le Dang Dung said: Similarly to the previous universalization of cell phones in Vietnam, Viettel, as Vietnam’s largest telecommunications and IT enterprise, will continue to pioneer the creation of a digital society. The cutting-edge telecommunications infrastructure is a must for Industry 4.0. Viettel Group has completed the ecosystem from digital infrastructure, digital solutions, digital finance, digital content, logistics and e-commerce, etc. so far, meeting the needs of building e-government and developing digital economy and digital society in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, Viettel is a pioneer in researching and manufacturing 5G equipment. The telecommunications giant has tested and gradually commercialized 5G services, making Vietnam become one of the first countries in the world with access to 5G, facilitating application of new technologies and pioneering digital transformation.

After Hanoi, Viettel will continue to expand the 5G network for early 5G commercial test in Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh.


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