Verizon’s First 5G Mobile Hotspot Will Launch In 2019

Verizon has unveiled the Inseego 5G hotspot, the first of its kind that will be offered by the wireless carrier. The hotspot will launch at Verizon in 2019, enabling customers to access the carrier’s 5G mobile network for use with other mobile devices. The hotspot was introduced today during the Qualcomm Snapdragon Technology Summit in Maui today.

The Inseego 5G mobile hotspot is the first model featuring actual 5G NR support, and it’ll be available for customers to purchase some time next year. The device was used as part of a live virtual reality telemedicine demonstration during the aforementioned conference today, that having taken place with Columbia University as a partner.

The demonstration served to underscore the 5G NR mobile technology’s use in a real-world scenario. Inseego’s 5G mobile hotspot is powered by a Snapdragon 855 Mobile Platform and the Snapdragon X50 5G modem. Verizon says it will exclusively offer this mobile hotspot when it launches for sale next year.

The hotspot may prove popular among other 5G adopters who aren’t keen on replacing their existing smartphones and tablets with 5G-capable alternatives. The hotspot will enable these users to access Verizon’s 5G network and use it with their mobile devices and laptops.

Verizon didn’t reveal how much the Inseego hotspot will cost, nor did it provide any sort of specific date or time frame during the device will launch. The carrier previously announced plans to launch a 5G home Internet service for residential customers, though it is only available in a limited number of cities at this time.

The newest MiFi device is exclusive to Verizon and will be available to Verizon customers nationwide in 2019. Inseego also plans to offer its MiFi 5G NR hotspot device to customers of various global carriers next year, though the company hasn’t yet announced which specific ones.
How fast are we talking about here?
According to Inseego, leading up to this week, the MiFi 5G NR “consistently” hit speeds of more than 2Gbps, along with sub-10 milliseconds latency in multiple component carrier aggregation (CA), as part of a real-world trial.
Inseego’s MiFi device also offers Wi-Fi performance using the Qualcomm Wi-Fi 6-ready mobile platform, the company said.
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