Verizon launches new tech to monitor activity on home WiFi

Verizon announced the launch of two easy-to-use home technologies: Home Awareness and Device Identification. The new home solutions provide customers with greater visibility into their homes and an added sense of security – at no additional cost. verizon wifi

As more and more customers maximize the capabilities of their home Wi-Fi networks by adding connected devices, such as entertainment, energy management and voice activated smart speakers – to name a few – they can now enjoy new functionality and get even greater value with added visibility into the home.

Home Awareness

Home Awareness uses WiFi sensing technology to detect motion and report activity in your home via the My Fios App. The technology, patented by Origin Wireless, a Verizon Ventures portfolio company, enables select Fios router models to detect disruptions in existing WiFi signals in the home and let the user know if there is an unexpected motion. Verizon and Origin Wireless will continue working together to enhance the in-home experience with additional features based on this Wi-Fi sensing technology.

“We’re bringing to market a technology that will help customers better understand their home without the need for cameras or sensors,” said Pavan Challa, Director of Product Management at Verizon. “We’re excited to partner with Origin Wireless on this new state-of-the-art technology that gives Verizon customers even more value for their money,” Challa said.

When using Home Awareness, customers can see activity reported in the My Fios App through a live dashboard and historical views. To learn more about Home Awareness, visit:

Device ID verizon wifi

Verizon is also partnering with SAM Seamless Network, another Verizon Ventures portfolio company and leading provider of cloud-native network security and intelligence services, to provide customers with additional peace of mind with Device Identification.

With Device ID, customers can monitor their home network for new or previously unrecognized devices. With greater visibility into the devices connected to their home network, they can manage certain details of devices on the network, like customized naming conventions, allowing for better control of their home network and connected devices. Device ID is available to all customers on eligible Fios Routers.

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