Verizon Takes Charge in Los Angeles, Sweeping the Mobile Performance Awards in Latest RootMetrics Report

T-Mobile and AT&T heat up the network reliability race, while AT&T and Sprint make download speed improvements

A new report from RootMetrics by IHS Markit, the gold standard for mobile performance benchmarking, reveals Verizon shines when it comes to consumer mobile experience in Los Angeles, sweeping the awards for the seventh consecutive testing period. In the recent 2nd Half 2018 Los Angeles Metro RootScore Report, Verizon wins outright awards in overall performance, network speed and data performance. Meanwhile, T-Mobile and AT&T heat up the competition in the network reliability category, sharing the award with Verizon for the first time since the first half of 2017.

RootMetrics logo (PRNewsfoto/RootMetrics)Looking at data performance in the metro area, Sprint and Verizon record the fastest median download speeds at 30.5 Mbps and 29.0 Mbps, respectively, allowing subscribers to download a high-definition TV show in about three minutes. Since the last round of testing, AT&T’s median download speed increased from 19.5 Mbps to 25.8 Mbps, and Sprint’s median download speed increased from 17.7 Mbps to 30.5 Mbps.

Los Angeles residents need a mobile network that provides a strong connection from the office to the beach, and Verizon has consistently delivered over the years,” said Doug King, director of business development at RootMetrics. “However, with high marks across the board in network reliability, call and text performance categories, along with improving data performance, it’s clear that Los Angeles natives are in good hands, no matter which mobile carrier they subscribe to.”

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This is the fifteenth time RootMetrics has tested the mobile networks in Los Angeles and issued findings for the metro area. RootScore Reports provide a scientific, independent, consumer-focused assessment of mobile network performance.

Mobile Performance You Can Depend on

In the network reliability category, Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T share the award, breaking Verizon’s streak of outright wins. However, Verizon takes the Network Speed RootScore Award outright for the tenth consecutive report. Reliability and speed are crucial to a consistently good mobile experience. RootMetrics’ network reliability category is a combination of results from data, call and text tests, while the network speed category examines results across testing of data transfers, downloading email and web/app tasks.

Data Performance

Verizon takes the Data Performance RootScore Award outright in this testing period, claiming the title for the tenth consecutive report. Sprint and Verizon record the fastest median download speeds at 30.5 Mbps and 29.0 Mbps, respectively. Meanwhile, T-Mobile and Verizon record the fastest median upload speeds at 16.5 Mbps and 15.6 Mbps, respectively, allowing subscribers to upload a picture to social media in about two seconds. The data performance category reflects how well networks perform in downloading and uploading data, performing email tasks and downloading files that approximate loading typical webpages or apps.

Call and Text Performance

Verizon and AT&T share the award for call performance for the second consecutive report, while all four carriers share the Text Performance RootScore Award. Call performance testing is based on how reliably each network can place and maintain calls, while text performance measures how reliably and quickly consumers can send and receive text messages.

Comprehensive Testing

To evaluate the mobile experience in Los Angeles, RootMetrics conducted tests across all hours of the day and night from October 25 through November 6. Using smartphones purchased off the shelf at carrier stores, tests were conducted indoors at 177 locations and while driving 3,236 miles.

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