Verizon Business: Revolutionizing IoT with Global eSIM Platform

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, the Internet of Things (IoT) has emerged as a game-changer. Recognizing this, Verizon Business has introduced a global wireless IoT platform that is set to redefine how businesses deploy and manage IoT devices across international borders. More about Verizon Business Global IoT eSIM Platform find out below.

This advanced platform leverages both native eSIM and roaming capabilities of Mobile Network Operator (MNO) partners, offering a seamless and efficient solution for global IoT operations.Verizon Wireless Logo 88x31

Unleashing the Power of Global IoT Orchestration

At the heart of this innovation is Verizon’s Global IoT Orchestration. This platform enables IoT devices operating in multiple global regions to connect natively via an eSIM profile from one of Verizon’s international carrier partners. This means that these devices can operate just like a network subscriber in that partner’s service footprint, adding the partner’s full technical, commercial, and multi-network coverage capabilities. This promotes solutions that require local connectivity, thereby enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of IoT operations.

Integrated IoT Management with ThingSpace

Verizon’s Global IoT Orchestration is integrated within the Verizon ThingSpace IoT management platform. This integration allows global and domestic IoT connections to be managed centrally, on a single pane of glass using a seamless API interface. This centralized management system simplifies the process of managing IoT connections, making it easier for businesses to keep track of their IoT devices and operations.

Expanding Connectivity with Strategic Partnerships

Verizon has established strategic partnerships with Bell Canada and Telenor to enable customers to manage multinational eSIM connectivity in the US, Canada, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region. Additional MNO eSIM partners covering more territories around the world will be announced later this year. These partnerships aim to provide seamless connectivity for devices operating internationally, thereby enhancing the reach and efficiency of IoT operations.

A Solution for Global IoT Leaders Verizon Business Global IoT eSIM Platform

Verizon’s Global IoT Orchestration is a solution designed for industry leaders in IoT. For instance, a device maker whose biggest market is the United States, but who does business throughout Europe and Canada, can ensure that their data remains available and their devices stay connected around the world. With native eSIM provisioning through Global IoT Orchestration, devices can maintain connectivity across international borders as seamlessly as a U.S. customer crossing state lines, without having to rely solely on roaming in major global markets.

In conclusion, Verizon Business’s Global IoT eSIM platform is a groundbreaking solution that is set to revolutionize the way businesses manage their IoT operations. By offering seamless, efficient, and wide-reaching connectivity, this platform is paving the way for a new era of IoT operations.


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