Velotel mobile network for cyclists officially launched

Cyclists can get a great mobile service from a range of networks in the UK, however, Velotel shapes their mobile products and value add services to specifically benefit the needs of the cycling community.

Key to the Velotel proposition are well structured voice and data plans and the inclusion of roamlike-at-home across the EU in all plans, all of which have been enabled by the leading European MVNE, Transatel (subsidiary of NTT ltd).  NTT is the official technology partner of the Tour de France.

Velotel is a proud partner of the EE network, which has superb coverage and access speeds across the UK. Velotel customers get identical access to the EE 5G network at no additional charge or throttling.

The operator offers its plans on a pay monthly basis – meaning you pay for your bundled subscription upfront on a monthly reoccurring basis. After month one your billing cycle will be adjusted to the day your SIM was activated. Any additional out of bundle charges you may have incurred will be billed in arrears in your next monthly bill. This breakdown will reflect on your Velotel invoice, and be visible on the ‘my account’ section of the website.

Velotel products:



Choose your data bundle to browse, stream and chat
  • Unlimited voice & text
  • Free 5G network access
  • One month rolling contract
  • Roam like at home across EU
  • Connected on the EE network
  • Free cycling memberships
  • Cycling gear & event giveaways

FROM: £15.00 / MONTH

(incl. VAT)



1GB Local & Zone 1 Data TopUp
If you deplete your plans data bundle, then add a 1GB Data TopUp to get you through the month. The bundle is only valid for the billing period in which it is purchased.

The Data TopUp bundle is valid for use across the UK and Roam Like At Home countries list in the info section below.


(incl. VAT)



Multiple packages available
Have complete control of your spend when travelling abroad by using our Global Roaming bundles. The roaming passes are valid per day, and have capped levels of voice, data and text to keep you connected at affordable rates.

View the more info section below to confirm which zone the country/s you visiting are in.

Zone 2 & 3: £7 incl VAT per day
Zone 4 & 5: £15 incl VAT per day

Text “ROAM” to 1250 to provision a daily roaming pass for zones 2-3

Text “FURTHER” to 1250 to provision a daily roaming pass for zones 4-5



MNO has a number of tools in place to ensure you never get a surprise when it comes to your billing amount:

  • When signing up for your plan, you have the option of setting a maximum spending limit per month, which Velotel will never go beyond.
  • The operator informs you via text as you start to reach the limit of your data bundles, allowing you the option to slow down use or purchase a top-up bundle.
  • Velotel has voice and text set as unlimited in all our plans, therefore giving you peace of mind so you can talk locally with no fear of hitting any limits.
  • Company offer ‘roam like at home’ data use across most of Europe at no extra charge, ensuring you are connected as if back in the UK.
  • High charge services such as international calling and premium rates numbers are deactivated as standard on a customer profile, unless you specifically ask us to unlock, which is an easy process to do and undo.
  • The My Account section of the Velotel website will give you access to recent invoices and a breakdown of your mobile network usage, should you need to understand more about your bill.

“Velotel needed to offer its customers access to a top-rated network, and superb voice and data
packages. We found Transatel to be the ideal partner to provide these services. An added benefit was the link between group company NTT and the cycling industry. We look forward to partnering with Transatel to continue to develop products and services that are well aligned to our customers’ unique requirements.” says Jody Forrester, Velotel CEO.

Transatel is proud to be the enablement partner of Velotel, providing network and access solutions, allowing Velotel’s customers to connect on the UK’s largest 5G network. We congratulate Velotel on their launch and look forward to working together over the coming years.” adds Jacques Bonifay, CEO of Transatel and President of MVNO Europe association.

For cyclists:

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