vala tourist package

Vala introduces new summer tourist packages

Kosovo Telecom’s mobile unit Vala has introduced four new Diaspora packages for the tourist season. vala  tourist package
Diaspora 2 includes 200 minutes, 2 GB internet and 200 SMS for EUR 3; Diaspora 4 comes with 400 minutes, 4 GB internet, 400 SMS, and 500 MB of data roaming for EUR 5; the Diaspora 10 features 700 minutes, 10 GB internet, 1,000 SMS and 1000 MB of data roaming for EUR 10; and Diaspora 15 comes with 1,500 minutes, 15 GB, 1,500 SMS and 1500 MB of data roaming for EUR 15. vala tourist package


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The new packages can be used when roaming in neighbouring Albania.

Kosovo roaming services vala tourist package

In terms of comparison to other Kosovo mobile operators, Vala’s roaming offers may differ in terms of coverage, prices, and features. Kosovo has several mobile operators, including IPKO, Vala’s sister company, as well as Vodafone, Telekom Slovenije, and others. Each operator may have different roaming offers and packages for their customers, so it is recommended to compare the offers of different operators before making a decision.

Overall, Vala’s roaming offers for Kosovo and its comparison to other Kosovo mobile operators will depend on factors such as the specific packages and offers available at the time, as well as the individual needs and preferences of the customer.


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